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Shortboard/Groveler Surfboards

Longboard Surfboards


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Surfboard rental: 24-hour

Ditch the crowds and rejoice in unfettered surf break along with breathtaking scenery that characterizes the Pacific Northwest Coast. Here at Kite Paddle Surf, you can rent from a large selection of boards to with you on your adventure. 

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Surfboard rental: week-long

Planning a week-long surfing vacation along the Pacific Northwest Coast? Choose Kite Paddle Surf here in Bellingham, Washington, and rent from a large selection of short, long, and hybrid boards.

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Wetsuit rental: 24-hour

At Kite Paddle Surf, we’ll make sure you stay warm on your next water adventure. We rent high quality wetsuits and include booties and gloves for those extra chilly days.

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