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Lib Tech 2023 MR x MAYHEM California Pin Surfboard

$879.99 Lib Tech 2023 MR x MAYHEM California Pin Surfboard SKU: 23SU010-NONE
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Lib Tech 2023 MR x MAYHEM California Pin Surfboard

A design collaboration between the legendary, 4x World Champion surfer/shaper, Mark Richards and Matt “Mayhem” Biolos in our dang difficult to ding environmentally nicer travel friendly construction!

A souped up and slightly sleeked out, all-around performance vehicle from two of the greatest minds in surfing. Not a true step up, but more of a bridge between squatty/speedy fish and a proper performance shortboard, equally at home in punchy, stomach-high shoreys or running overhead reef passes and point breaks.


 Length Width  Thickness Volume
5'6" 19.75" 2.4" 28.5 cl
5'9" 20.5" 2.5" 32.0 cl
6'0" 21.0" 2.63" 36.0 cl
6'3" 21.63" 2.75" 40.5 cl
6'6" 22.0" 2.88" 44.75 cl



Strong, Light, Waterproof

  • Environmentally friendly non ozone depleting Nitrogen blowing agent
  • 25-40% Recycled content
  • Won’t absorb water if you do get a ding (Closed cell)
  • Elliptical engineered columnar cells provide toughness top to bottom and elasticity in side impact
  • 100% of offcuts and shavings recycled into more foam

Strong, Nice and Craftsperson Friendly

  • Plant based glycerin chemistry
  • Low VOC (shop smells nice)
  • Surfs smooth and responsive (High performance)
  • Impact resistant and resilient (Lasts a long time)

Strong & Smooth

  • Smooth riding vibration absorption layer
  • Impact and ding resistant

Dynamic Energy & Long Lasting Flex

  • Tension spread tow carbon fiber
  • Rebound energy return
  • Perfect flex tuning

Fits FCS-II®, FCS® Two Tab and Lib RRIPs® fins

  • Optimized placement for FCS-II 
  • RIPPs compatible with 5/16 performance adjustability
  • Light and tough


* In some cases, it could take a few extra days to get the board shipped.


content creator

Lib Tech MR x MAYHEM California Pin - At a Glance

You take two legendary shapers and one incredible surfboard manufacturer, and you end up with a super cool board. With the Cali pin they have made the tail a pin tail added some rocker in the nose and refined the shaping a small amount. Designed to be ridden as a twin+trailer it also goes as a twin in smaller playful surf. I feel this board is targeted toward that intermediate to advanced surfer looking for a board to ride in a variety of conditions just above a groveler and below a performance shortboard. The board offers plenty of hold with that pin tail but still has a healthy amount of foam underneath the chest to get into smaller waves. The Cali Pin would make a great travel board because of its wave range and the fact that Lib Tech boards are some of the toughest surfboards on the planet. I always feel confident that when I travel, my Lib Tech boards are going to make it without any damage.



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