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Armstrong A+ V2 CF (Carving Freeride) Complete Foil Set

$1,899.99 Armstrong A+ V2 CF (Carving Freeride) Complete Foil Set SKU: V2CF950FKA
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Armstrong A+ V2 CF (Carving Freeride) Complete Foil Set

The V2 CF’s Foil Series all around user friendliness appeals to both beginners seeking a foundation for progression and experienced riders pushing their boundaries. Low stall speeds combined with excellent pitch stability provide control and increased flying time across a variety of foiling sports.

Stability Is ConfidenceA stable, predictable foil helps to make progression easier and safer. If you’re just beginning your foiling journey or are already an advanced rider, this range has a size tailored for you.

More Flight TimeWhether you’re trying your first gybes or perfecting your backflips, the CF V2’s exceptionally forgiving low speed handling keeps the foil flying easily while you focus on the maneuver.

A Future-Proofed SystemSized from 950 to 2050sq/cm, the CF V2 range truly caters to the full spectrum of rider levels, weights and foiling sports. As your experience level and style evolve, the modular Armstrong A+ System offers component choices to match your progression.

Kit comes complete with - Carry Case, Polycarbonate Pro Shims, Bi-directional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and wing covers.


  • Designed for quick rail to rail response, with impressive grip and flow through the hardest foil surfing turns.
  • Ultra-compact outline lends to progressive pop and soft landings for aerial wake foiling.
  • Higher speed range and maneuverability make it ideal for kite foiling.


  • Predictable, progressive lift characteristics cater to beginner surf foilers.
  • Wider speed range is ideal for intermediate and advanced wing and kite foilers.
  • Optimized for tight turns in the pocket when foil surfing.


  • Predictable lift and low stall speed for learning to fly.
  • Easy turning without compromising stability when cruising.
  • Ideal in lighter winds or smaller surf for lighter riders.


  • Low minimum flying speed is ideal for learning to wing foil.
  • Confidence-inspiring pitch and roll stability for discovering foiling behind a boat or jetski.
  • A lightwind machine for more experienced wing foil riders.


Content Creator

Armstrong Carving Freeride V2 Foil Kit - At a Glance

The Carving Freeride V2 is great foil option for those just getting into foiling and those that want to foil like a surfer. The wings offer a thicker chord which provides stability and forgiveness when it comes to lift. These wings have a very gradual lift which makes learning to foil a much more enjoyable experience. The Carving Freeride V2 have more sweep in the profile which lends itself to tighter turning arc. While wing foiling or prone foiling in the surf I can make faster directional changes while riding a wave which makes these wings my favorite for playing in the surf. The only downside to these wings is they are less efficient than the HA and MA wings, so they don't pump and glide as efficiently.

- Aaron


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