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Armstrong A+ MA (Mid Aspect) Complete Foil Set

$2,479.99 Armstrong A+ MA (Mid Aspect) Complete Foil Set SKU: 210000010899
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Armstrong A+ MA (Mid Aspect) Complete Foil Set

Next Generation Foils

Taking everything they've learned from the HS, HA, and CFV2 foil ranges, Armstrong developed the MA range with a truly next generation blend of glide, low stall speed, intuitive carving and instantaneous breach recovery.  These foils are for experienced riders wanting to take their foiling to the next level.

Stellar Glide and Acceleration Connect bumps with ease, whether gliding through open ocean swell or pumping wake to wake behind the boat.

Low End Lift and Broad Speed Range - Thanks to the high-camber foil section, the MA range lifts easily with low stall speeds but maintains composure once you're up to speed.  This makes getting on foil easier, while allowing you to push it and not "over-foil" when things get rowdy.

Fluid Carving - The MA foils have been tuned to deliver seamless and intuitive control through all bank angles.  Charge through turns with speed and confidence.

Lightning Fast Ventilation Recovery - Go ahead and get the tips out.  The MA's fine leading edge and specially tuned wingtip inflection allow for quick flow reattachment, whether you're carving tight turns or landing an air these foils will have your back.



  • Incredible Speed and Maneuverability for maximum potential in powered conditions
  • Span: 690mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 7.62
  • Kit Includes: Flow 235 tail, 60cm Fuselage, 85cm Mast


  • The highly rippable performance machine
  • Span: 765mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 7.32
  • Kit includes: Flow 235 tail, 60cm Fuselage, 85cm Mast


  • Limitless carving, early lift and a massive speed range
  • Span: 850mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 7.23
  • Kit includes: Flow 235 tail, 60cm Fuselage, 85cm Mast


  • The all-arounder for effortless glide and flow
  • Span: 935mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 7.14
  • Kit includes: Flow 235 tail, 70cm Fuselage, 85cm Mast

    Armstrong A+ V2 Foil Mast

    The unique quad c beam core layup delivers a mast with smooth consistent reactive flex, generating sweet handling response and better stability by smoothing out bumps and flexing precisely to drive you through turns.

    The V2 masts also feature bombproof zero corrosion Bidirectional Titanium Washer and Titanium T Nut system, which creates a rock-solid connection between mast and board.

    The V2 mast construction and shape combine to make a mast that will deliver predictably every time.

    Armstrong Performance Mast Upgrade Available Upon Request

    *Kit comes complete with - Carry case, Polycarbonate Pro Shims, Bi Directional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and Foil covers.



    Armstrong A+ MA (Mid Aspect) Complete Foil Set - At A Glance

    Wow. After one demo session, I was a believer in the MA revolution. My first wing foil was the HS1550 which was a winner. It was predictable and stable over a wide wind and speed range, fun to turn, confidence inspiring and ideal for progression. The second wing I added was the HA925. The glide of the HA was spectacular, and it turned well too. However, the HA925 requires constant attention. It’s a high-performance beast that can be temperamental. Once I got tired or sloppy, when riding through white water or in nuclear conditions, the 925 could be a handful. The MA1225 clearly contains the DNA from the previous Armstrong lines. It has all the smooth and predictable characteristics of the popular CFv2 line and also nearly the glide of the HA line. For me, the 1225 is the ultimate one wing quiver. I can get it foiling in light to moderate wind and it is also my go-to-foil when it’s blowing over 30 kts. The wing has an amazing speed range. I can charge upwind and keep up with or pass friends on higher aspect wings. The 1225 has helped my progression a lot. My wave riding has improved and the extra glide also makes getting through foiling tacks a lot easier. Most wingers will find the 1225 the perfect daily driver. Those who ride primarily in higher wind venues, lighter riders or those who like to keep the speed up will probably favor the MA1000. Bigger riders in light-moderate wind sites will probably be best suited by the MA1425.

    - Paul P.


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