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Slingshot V3 UFO Kiteboarding Kite

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Slingshot V3 UFO Kiteboarding Kite

The UFO changed kite foiling forever with its zero-strut design that delivers otherworldly levels of drift, upwind reach, and response. The UFO V3's FlexLITE airframe—built with 140g/m2 high-tenacity polyester—further decreases the UFO's weight without sacrificing performance or durability. With swept wingtips and an intelligent Compact Swept C canopy shape, the UFO V3 has been designed for an effortless water relaunch. Supplementing the optimized minimalism of the UFO is the new zipperless roll-top kite bag that keeps weight to an absolute minimum while maximizing convenience and packability.


FLEXLITE - Foundational to the UFO V3's improved performance and lighter weight is FlexLITE, which is used on the airframe's leading edge and struts. FlexLITE features an increased open 1:1 thread orientation that allows the frame to flex and breathe under rider input. This flex provides more responsive and quicker steering while allowing the rider to generate more apparent wind through the loop. At 140 grams per square meter, the weight reduction delivered by FlexLITE optimizes drift and allows for less drag through the air.

TRIMFLIGHT BRIDLE - With 25% thinner lines, TrimFlight Bridles deliver the least amount of drag, which significantly increases the UFO's efficiency and response. More than just lightweight, the bridle lines' geometry, length, and placement were intelligently designed to expertly accentuate the top-of-the-class performance characteristics of the UFO's Hybrid Compact Swept C shape.

COMPACT SWEPT C CANOPY - The UFO V3's proprietary Compact Swept C shape features a lower aspect, compact arc that provides exceptional steering, pivoting, and drift. The swept wing tips were intelligently designed specifically for a zero-strut kite to ensure effortless and dependable water relaunch. The Swept C shape yields responsive and immediate power management to prevent over-foiling.

ZERO-STRUT AIRFRAME - A bold, head-turning innovation when it was originally launched in 2020, the UFO's Zero-Strut Airframe required countless hours of research and development to perfect. The result is a near-complete elimination of drag, allowing the UFO to fly in the lightest of winds and achieve unlimited drift, superior upwind angles, and intuitive response—all critical factors for true foiling performance.

2X2 FLYWEIGHT CANOPY TECH - The lightest canopy material used in any Slingshot kites—without sacrificing stiff- ness or durability. 2X2 Flyweight Canopy Tech is reinforced ripstop nylon with a 2X2 weave that yields significant weight savings over our 4X4 Canopy Tech and still provides exceptional tear and stretch resistance.

RIDER CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM (RCS) - Fully customize the performance of the UFO with our Rider Customization System, which incorporates three knots on the bridle pigtails with three knots on the Sentry Control Bar's flying lines. RCS allows you to fine tune the handling, power delivery, and performance of the UFO to perfectly align with your riding style and the conditions of a particular session. Utilizing the RCS, a rider can incrementally shorten or lengthen the flying and power lines, which easily and intelligently adjusts the UFO's turning speed, level of power, angle of attack, and bar pressure.

Package Includes: UFO V3 Kite, Kite Bag, Bladder Patch Kit


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