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Ozone V8 Zephyr Ultra-X Kiteboarding Kite

$2,349.00 Ozone V8 Zephyr Ultra-X Kiteboarding Kite SKU: ZV8UK17GW
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Ozone V8 Zephyr Ultra-X Kiteboarding Kite

Offering greater range, faster flying speeds and more reactive handling, the all-new 17m Zephyr V8 Ultra-X further proves itself a class leading light wind freeride machine for any rider who wants to expand their time on the water, whatever their board of choice.


Everything. When Ozone set out to add more performance to the Zephyr, they specifically wanted to make riding in light winds easier for everyone, more fun and something you could do more often.

  • Light wind specific freeride machine
  • Huge wind range, 6-20 knots
  • Now 17% lighter and more responsive with Ultra-X materials
  • Tight radius turning for reactive, fun sessions
  • Easy to fly and re-launch even in light winds

The Zephyr V8 Ultra-X now features more shaping detail that contributes to the cleaner overall sail profile. The introduction of ‘Ultra-X’ lightweight materials has seen this powerful 17m kite experience a 17% weight reduction, which is crucial to its undoubtedly more sporty handling. The V8 now delivers more forward drive and faster response in even lighter winds, while also offering more top end range comfort too, making it a seriously useful addition to your quiver.

Instead of trying to make a curve by joining straight segments with angled joints, each segment of the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X’s leading edge is now curved to form a perfectly smooth arc from tip-to-tip. These latest design features reduce drag and create a cleaner surface at the most important area of the airfoil, guaranteeing less turbulent airflow across the canopy, improving the lift to drag ratio and overall performance.


Teijin TechnoForce Triple Ripstop Canopy and Dacron
The new triple rip-stop canopy material has an advanced coating to increase strength, rigidity and durability while improving feedback to the rider for a more direct feeling. The technical triple rip-stop dacron is incredibly strong and reliable, used in areas requiring rigidity and stability.

4-line Pulley-less System
NO pulleys, NO problems. Ozone design all their inflatable kites without pulleys, to inherit the unique Ozone feeling and performance across our range.

Transverse Sail Shaping
The Leading-Edge features Transverse Sail Shaping creating a cleaner surface on the most important area of the aerofoil. The result is less turbulent airflow and longer skin adhesion, which positively effects the lift to drag ratio increasing overall performance.

Overlap Flat Seams 
Overlap flat seam construction improves sail control resulting in an overall cleaner canopy.

Direct Connect Struts
Ozone's Direct Connect construction method improves load distribution between the Leading Edge, Struts and Canopy. Struts are connected directly to the Leading Edge with internal and external reinforcements. This unique construction method ensures a clean profile while still maintaining optimum canopy tension.

Back-line trimming options 
Customize your handling and bar pressure with the back line bridle attachments. Closer to the Leading Edge for slower turn speed and more bar pressure, or closer to the Trailing Edge for faster turn speed and less bar pressure.

Water Kite Technical Bag

  • Technical Bag with loads of space
  • Internal stash pocket
  • External control system pocket
  • Board straps
  • Pump holder
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Back panel foam padding provides extra comfort

Includes: Kite, Repair Kit, Technical Bag


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