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Ozone V1 Flow Wing Foiling Wing

$939.00 Ozone V1 Flow Wing Foiling Wing SKU: FWV12-4OW
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Ozone V1 Flow Wing Foiling Wing

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Offering the ultra-smooth feel of the Flux, the Flow's more compact span, extra low-end power, longer front carbon handle and lightweight handling feel all combine to make this a total weapon for dedicated wave riders and those looking to jump and throw freestyle moves.


  • Do-it-all freeride wing
  • Rigid carbon handles
  • New longer front handle for one handed control
  • Ideal for wave riding with compact span
  • Speed and lift for jumping
  • New semi-rigid depower/surf handle for excellent control when flagged out
  • Lightweight handling
  • Strong build quality

The Flow has a responsive, lightweight and easy feel. Delivering both progressive power with good low-end torque to get you up on foil, it also has range to handle stronger winds and speed without losing control. Highly maneuverable and yet incredibly stable overhead, tacks and gibes are made easy when passing the wing from hand to hand, giving you time to relax and complete the maneuver. The extended front handle allows for balanced one handed steering, opening up all sorts of expressive carving maneuvers in flat water. Instead of riding with a locked-in two-handed position, you can maintain power and control while holding the wing out to the side in one hand, offering a very fluid and free feeling.

If your primary aim is riding waves and swells, whatever the size and quality, the Flow is for you. The span and aspect-ratio are perfectly tuned to help prevent wing tip touchdowns and to provide a beautiful center of power when riding one handed.

The extended front handle is also particularly good for wave riding where you might quickly want to switch between powered up sailing and drifting. In small wave conditions, or in cross-onshore wind swell, it’s not always worth the big movement to grab the surf handle. The Flow’s longer front handle allows you instead to find a balance point to steer the wing one handed and still benefit from having a little pull from the wing.

The Flow is equipped with a new semi-rigid surf handle that gives you even more control and prevents the wing inverting. In good waves there’s nothing like ripping back and forth with a beautifully balanced wing drifting obediently behind you.

The Flow's compact design, tight sail, on-tap power, rigid handles, excellent maneuverability and impressive boost capabilities make it a great choice for freestylers. It’s fast for spinning and is excellent if you want to get inverted as the sail behaves well when going from positive to negative loads. No matter if you are just starting to get air or a seasoned freestyler; the Flow ticks all the boxes.


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