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Ozone LiteForce Wing Foiling Wing

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Ozone LiteForce Wing Foiling Wing

The Liteforce has been designed by combining different design elements from the Ozone wing range in a strong but lightweight design to deliver easy and very effective performance in light winds.

Available in two, powerful sizes of 6.6m and 7.7m, both are packed with low end grunt to allow for super early planning, while the low drag handling also allows for remarkable levels of comfort at the top end of the wing’s range.

The carefully developed compact planform means that the tips are less likely to catch the water during maneuvers, allowing for maximum freeride fun, however light the conditions.


  • Very early planning with loads of grunt on tap
  • Huge range with less urgency to change down in size when the wind picks up
  • Efficient pumping with a very direct feel
  • Sporty, lightweight handling
  • Very little drag, which really helps with into-the-wind maneuvers
  • Clean and easy management as apparent wind speeds build


  • Compact design for low end torque and control
  • Pre-loaded leading edge and optimized sail shaping ensures smooth power generation with control
  • The leading edge and strut are made from a performance Dacron that’s 20% lighter than conventional Dacron
  • Ergonomically angled, rigid carbon handles with EVA grip
  • Soft bumper on front handle mount to protect your board and head
  • Knuckle-guard on leading edge de-power/surf handle
  • Lightweight anti-flap fiberglass battens reduce canopy flutter on trailing edge
  • The Liteforce is ‘Born Light’ with no unnecessary features. Everything has a purpose, and every stitch is perfectly positioned to build genetic strength, removing the need to add unnecessary reinforcements.


DE-POWER/SURF HANDLE - The De-Power/Surf Handle at the front of the Leading Edge offers increased control when flying the wing single-handed and features a soft knuckle padding for extra comfort.

FAST FLOW AIR VALVES - Fast Flow Air Valves on both the Leading Edge and Strut makes inflation, deflation and packing a breeze.

ONG RIGID POWER HANDLES - Ergonomically angled front and back carbon fibre handles with EVA grip provide maximum control and comfort with incredible feel and response. The front handle mount features a soft bumper to protect your head and board during water starts.

DIRECT CONNECT STRUT - Our Direct Connect construction method improves load distribution between the Leading Edge, Strut and Canopy. The Strut is connected directly to the Leading Edge with internal and external reinforcements. This unique construction method ensures clean profiles are maintained with the optimum canopy tension.

ANTI-FLAP RIGID BATTENS - Rigid Battens strategically positioned along the Trailing Edge improve canopy tension and reduce flutter - enhancing performance, feedback to the rider and reducing canopy material wear.

EASY VIEW WINDOWS - Easy view windows on either side of the strut provide safety for you and others around.



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