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Naish 2024 ADX NVision Wing Foiling Wing

$1,719.00 Naish 2024 ADX NVision Wing Foiling Wing SKU: 24FW-AN30BG
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Naish 2024 ADX NVision Wing Foiling Wing

The Wing-Surfer ADX Nvision, it is significantly lighter and dramatically more rigid, resulting in a more direct feel and higher pump efficiency. Built to cater to the needs of riders who demand nothing but the best, the ADX Nvision boasts a cutting-edge Helium Frame construction that utilizes 82 gsm Aluula, making it extremely lightweight and stiff without compromising durability.

With a sleek and stylish design that embodies the signature ADX feel, this high-end wing is the epitome of performance and precision. Its dual “luff panel” locks the shape of the wing in place, providing maximum draft stability in a wide wind range. The 50D Nano ripstop canopy, renowned for its low-stretch and tear-resistant features, ensures the ADX Nvision is built to handle even the most intense conditions.


  • High Aspect Geometry - A wider wingspan gives maximum power efficiency 
  • Hybrid T-Bone Leading Edge Construction - The T- stringer construction stiffens the wing structure and increases efficiency High V Dihedral 
  • Inflated Structure - Increased dihedral provides optimized riding balance 
  • Ergonomic Curved Strut - Optimized for hand position, making it easier to sheet in 
  • Rigid Handle Design - Aluminum drop shape handle design gives maximum efficiency and control 
  • Optimized Window Design - The multi-window design provides visibility where it is needed most 
  • Maximum Pumping Efficiency - The direct feel of the wing translates into optimized pumping efficiency 
  • Optimized Draft Stability - The locked-in draft of the wing gives a wide wind range 
  • Optimized Power Delivery - Provides ultimate low-end power and is highly responsive 
  • Optimized Canopy Tension - Increases power delivery and provides a direct feel


Size Aspect Ratio Wingspan (m) Strut Length (m) Weight (KG) Weight (LB)
3.0 2,787 2,856 1,55 1,844 4,153
3.5 2,784 3,065 1,66 2,024 4,462
4.0 2,781 3,276 1,77 2,159 4,759
4.5 2,812 3,569 1,92 2,25 4,96
5.0 2,818 3,751 2,02 2,43 5,357
5.5 2,824 3,841 2,07 2,513 5,54
6.0 2,728 3,953 2,2 2,626 5.789
7.0 2,511 4,087 2,42 2,831 6,241


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