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Mystic Majestic Wing Foiling Harness

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Mystic Majestic Wing Foiling Harness

Made of self-reinforced PET, our hardshell wing foil harness will suit those looking for optimal back support on the water. The hardshell design alleviates any uncomfortable pressure on your back and is our most lightweight design yet, crafted from EVA foam. The harness features a sliding hook, with a velcro closure for a quick setup. Use the ropes to connect your wing and/or board leashes, compatible with the rest of our wing accessory range.


  • Bionic Core Frame - The Bionic Core Frame is stiff in the horizontal direction but is still able to twist and follow your body. The carbon composite enhances the stiffness for the most extreme conditions.
  • Fix Foam - This foam is molded to adjust perfectly to your lower body and give maximum comfort while riding.
  • EVA Grip Padding - The EVA padding is non-water absorbing so you don't have to worry about storing a soaked harness. This feature also makes the harness lightweight, ensuring a comfortable and a secure fit for optimal performance on the water. 
  • Double Velcro Closure - This closing system ensures an easy closure without any hassle, while still being secure. Doubling the Velcro means it's double as strong. 
  • Injection Molded Slider Hook - The injection molded slider hook, also known as the wing hook, can hold down up to 400kg and slides to either side - a bonus when you're paddling. 
  • Leash Attachment Loops On Back - If you want to ride more freely, just attach your waist wing leash and board waist leash board to these loops. 


Operations Manager

Mystic Majestic Wing Foiling Harness - At a Glance

I was excited to try Mystic's new hardshell wing harness after seeing a preview of it this summer. I've been using the Mystic Wing Foil Harness ( for over a year and it checks all the boxes for comfort, ease of use/adjustability, and features. At times, when leaning hard upwind I have found myself wishing for a little added support, so the idea of a hardshell harness was appealing.

The Majestic features a fairly stiff frame with EVA padding similar to Mystic's popular Stealth kite harness, and is lightweight and comfortable. When trying it on, I was surprised by the lack of adjustability, which is is accomplished via velcro straps on either side of the spreader. Coming from the original Mystic Wing Foil harness, which has a huge adjustable range, the Majestic is more limited (mostly due to its rigid frame), so finding the correct size is important. I'd recommend trying the harness on with your wetsuit and impact vest (if you use one), as the added thickness may require sizing up.

Once I found the right size (Large - I'm 6'3 ~190lb), I was worried that the hook would interfere with paddling, as it does not slide as far to the side as on the previous-gen Wing harness. This proved to be a non-issue when I got in the water, as the hook gets far enough out of the way that you don't notice it paddling. Most of our local launches require a bit of a paddle out, so this was an important feature for me. I personally opt for a calf leash for my board, so this left two options for mounting the wing leash to the harness on either side. At first I mounted the wing on the left side, but found that I prefer it on the right, as that is where the wing usually sits downwind on my dominant (regular footed) side, which is how I start if possible. The leash mount is very secure and has a loop for a girth hitch or a knot for a larks head - I opted for a girth hitch since I rarely remove my line from my harness, but for those who like to match their leash length to wing size the option to simply mount a larks head makes swapping a breeze.

On the water, the harness disappears. It's super light and comfortable, and flexes with your movements. When hooked in, it's significantly more supportive than others I've used, and provides a locked-in feel to the wing. The pseudo-spreader bar provides a rigidity to the hook that is missing on other harnesses with webbing alone. This allows for excellent control even in overpowered, gusty conditions, and I found myself hooking in more than I normally would even on quick upwind reaches. The hook is the same plastic slider found on the original Wing harness, which is easy to hook in and out and works well with any harness line material.

Overall this is a fantastic harness, and if you're looking for added support for cranking upwind, it's definitely worth a look. I'd like to see a bit more room for adjustment and the ability to cinch it down on the fly, but this is a big step forward for wing harnesses.



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