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Firewire Hydroshort AWT Kite Surfboard

$935.00 Firewire Hydroshort AWT Kite Surfboard SKU: HHYS-504-3-AWT-3BK
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Firewire Hydroshort AWT Kite Surfboard

The Firewire Hyrdoshort has quickly become the crown jewel for hard charging kitesurfers. This board was built for the kitesurfers looking to use the kite as a tool to get to the wave and then the Hydroshort takes over from there. If you want your kitesurfing to look as much like surfing as possible then this is the board to take you there. 

The Firewire AWT (Artifical Wave Technology) are built with reinforced parabolic wooden rails, wooden noise and tail blocks with carbon fiber reinforcement. The fin box have reinforced high density inserts for extra fin box support. with carbon fiber reinforced lamination.

Specs: 5'4" x 18 1/16" x 2 3/16"
Wave Range: 1-5ft
Fin Box: Futures


  • Torpedo Nose Profile - The ultra-modern 'torpedo nose' profile enhances rail-to-rail flow and reduces swing weight at the front end. This design element aims to provide an instant response when maneuvering the board.
  • Rail-to-Rail Flow - The board is designed to have a seamless rail-to-rail flow, enhancing its overall performance and responsiveness on the wave.
  • Low Swing Weight - The reduced swing weight at the front end contributes to the board's maneuverability, allowing surfers to make quick and precise movements.
  • Medium Rocker Curve - The clean continuous (medium) rocker curve is designed to provide a balance between speed and maneuverability, making the board versatile across different wave conditions.
  • Quad Inside Single Concave (QISC) - This concave design enhances water flow and speed, providing a burst of acceleration when riding the wave.
  • Squash Tail Version - Squash tails are often favorable in flatter-faced and weaker wave conditions, providing stability and control.
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement - The use of carbon fiber in the lamination, as well as in the fin box, provides strength, stiffness, and overall performance.



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