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Lessons: Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons--Bellingham

Lessons: Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons--Bellingham

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Lessons: Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons--Bellingham

Lessons: Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons--Bellingham

At Kite Paddle Surf and the Bellingham Kiteboarding School, we have IKO and PASA certified instructors working to teach you the sport of kiteboarding.  We offer lessons year around, any day of the week.  Lessons are scheduled  based on conditions and forecast so it helps if you have a flexible schedule. Lessons are run in a number of different shallow water locations, again, depending on conditions. Our students come from Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Hood River and Squamish because of the variety of ideal learning shallow water spots here--the best in Washington State. In fact, kiteboarders from around the world love the shallow water conditions of Whatcom and Skagit County. Our goal in these lessons to have you leave feeling confident and comfotable with your new skills in this exciting sport.  

We all learn at different speeds but the progression of the lessons below is based on our experience teaching since 2006 in Bellingham. All lessons are customized for the student to get the skills needed to progress. Most of our students take 2 to 3 lessons to comfortably kite independently. We recommend our students have 3 to 5 hours of trainer kite flying time.

Kiteboarding Beginner Lesson 1: In Lesson 1 we will introduce you to the world of kiteboarding. You will learn the basics of a 4 line kite, kiteboarding safety protocol, wind theory, kite flying theory and the tools to take your first steps into kiteboarding. You will learn how to the rig the kite and how to use the gear. During this lesson we will be covering basic steering, power zone concepts, the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) signals, 4 line SLE kite setup, launching, landing, water relaunching, body dragging, kite retrieval, personal safety and self rescue. You will learn the skills necessary to safely operate an appropriately sized 4 line inflatable kite. Lesson 1 runs 3 hours and all gear including wetsuits are provided. Cost is $350

Kiteboarding Beginner Lesson 2: In Lesson 2 you will continue to build on the basics of Lesson 1. This lesson will focus heavily on using the kite to get you up on the board which is known as the waterstart. You will practice waterstarts on both sides and hopefully progress to getting short rides. You will work to refine your kite flying skills and efficiently using the power strokes. You will also work on board retrieval skills and review relaunching the kite off of the water. This will all be done in shallow water with your instructor only a few feet away coaching you thru each step. Lesson 2 runs 3 hours and all gear including wetsuits are provided. Cost is $350

Kiteboarding Beginner Lesson 3: This lesson continues to build on your previous lessons and it will be customized to your level. Most likely you will work to progress to longer rides and we will use our jetski to give you tons of water time. Lessons 3 run 3 hours and all gear including wetsuits are provided. Cost is $350

3 Lesson/9 hour Progression Kiteboard Lesson Package: $799 for 1 person or $949 for 2 people. For those who are serious about learning to kiteboard we offer a package deal including all three beginner kiteboard lessons at a discounted rate.

Group Lessons: Add a student for $50 (2 students maximum). We encourage students to learn with a friend. This makes for a great lesson value and a fun learning experience. It also helps to watch another student learn under the supervision of the instructor. We have found that after the group lesson both students are usually on the "same page" and have the ability to continue on learning and practicing together safely. You can add a student to the private lesson for an additional $50. 


  • Lessons may be rescheduled due to poor wind conditions.
  • Reservations for lessons are on a first come first serve basis.
  • A $75 deposit will be made at time of reservation.
  • Late cancellations and No Shows will be charged the $75 deposit.
  • Reservations are an absolute necessity to guarantee instructor availbility.

Conditions and Forecasting Wind: Just leave it to us! We use our best forecasting knowledge possible to line you up with the perfect conditions. With our experience of teaching in the Bellingham area since 2006 we like to think we have mother nature dialed. Despite our knowledge conditions can change rapidly, this a part of our sport and must be understood. Let us teach you the tricks of the trade as far as forecasting before or after you lesson, again our goal is to get you out there riding with us!

More Information: All gear is provided during this lesson. That includes everything needed for kiteboarding as well as wetsuits, booties, gloves, and helmets.

Bring a friend and save money. 2 person lessons cost $200 per person, and allows you the opportunity to experience kiteboarding with a friend.

There is a non-refundable deposit required of $75 if the lesson is canceled by the student within 48 hours of the lesson

Why choose Bellingham to learn to kite?

Bellingham is geographically unique as it sits in between two large valleys the Fraser River Valley, and the Skagit Valley which happen to be lined up with the Straights of Juan de Fuca and Straights of Georgia respectively. This gives us a lot of wind possibilities from several directions. 

What does that mean?

It means that the Bellingham area experiences inflow winds to these valleys most days of the spring, summer and fall. When the predominant low pressure setup is present, the marine air from the Straits of Juan de Fuca are drawn into the Frasier Valley giving us great morning winds. When a high pressure setup is present, marine air from the Straits of Georgia flow into the Skagit Valley in the afternoons.


Typically in the spring and early summer months we experience kitable winds 75-80% of the days. Our winds are typically very steady, and range from 9m to 14m conditions. In the winter months when thermal heating does not dominate Bellingham is very well oriented to receive winds associated with frontal movement, as well as Fraser River outflow winds. On top of all of this, our kiteboarding locations have more flat, warm, and shallow water than anywhere in the Pacific Northwest because our riding locations are on river deltas. The open deltas create a huge shallow water environment where you will be able to have plenty or room to work on your skills without fear of other riders getting too close.

Our environmentally friendly 4 stroke jet ski makes getting to the wind and the best shallow water areas very accessible.

Come see why we have people that travel from Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Squamish and Hood River to take lessons from us in and around Bellingham. 


  • All lessons must be scheduled.  Please call the shop at 360-775-2741
  • There is a non-refundable deposit required if the lesson is canceled by the student with 48 hours of the lesson.


We understand that in some situations returns or exchanges may be necessary.

Its important to us that you're stoked about what you've purchased from Kite Paddle Surf. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase give us a call (360 775 2741), or email us, we want to make it right. On returns, all items must be in new condition with original tags, packaging and a receipt.

We are not able to take returns or exchanges on wetsuits that have been in the water so, please make sure it fits BEFORE you get in the water.

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