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Armstrong Wing/SUP Foil Board

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Armstrong Wing/SUP Foil Board

With their latest generation of dedicated wing foil boards, Armstrong has set the benchmark for this rapidly evolving sport. Dubbed "Forward Geometry", the new design moves the mast track further forward delivering a more responsive, snappier handling ride. Combined with the updated shape and state of the art construction, these are likely the most advanced wing foil boards on the planet. Seven sizes in the Wing SUP range offer a board for every rider, with intelligent volume distribution that allows everyone to ride a shorter, more maneuverable board. For those looking for something even smaller to ride the biggest waves, check out the Wing Surf line. 


  • Armstrong-designed 320mm carbon fiber mast tracks are stronger than plastic tracks, and are positioned further forward on the board for more responsive handling and decreased swing weight
  • Unique, innovative shape maximizes the waterline for increased speed to get on foil easier. Chined rails and an aggressively rockered chisel-nose aid in getting the board off the water when getting on foil or after touching down.
  • Recessed deck keeps the riders weight closer to the mast for more direct handling, and puts that extra volume in the rails for stability when on the water.
  • Handle extends through the entire board, allowing water to evacuate the deck and providing balanced carry options top and bottom.
  • Space-age construction utilizes carbon fiber and Dyneema cloth to maximize strength in a lightweight package.


4’8”(50L) / 4’11”(60L) / 5’2.5”(75L) / 5’5”(88L) / 5’8”(99L) / 5’11”(115L) / 6’4”(132L)

    Paul P.


    Armstrong FG Wing SUP Foil Board - At A Glance

    The WingSUP 88 is my third board, and I couldn’t be happier. At 195 pounds, I think it might be the ultimate single board quiver. I started off winging on a Naish 110L, which was a great first board. I’m an experienced foiler (kite & wind) and weigh 195 lbs. The 110 was very stable and I used it for a season in everything from 10-35 kts. I upgraded/downsized to a KT 90L after 6-8 months. The KT was much more challenging to mount and slog but was stiffer and a bit more nimble. After a few months I was ready to upgrade again but was concerned dropping volume might significantly reduce initial stability and limit me from getting out in light wind. The crew at KPS encouraged me to try the Armstrong and I’m glad I did. I initially considered 60, 75 and 88. I settled on the 88 because some of my launches are far from the wind line and I want to be able to slog (rather than swim) out and back again, even in a dying breeze. I also want to be able to mount my wing board in nuking conditions with voodoo chop and not tire myself in the effort. The 88 is more stable than the KT 90 when mounting and slogging and the forward tracks are better suited to the Armstrong foils. Moving the mast forward on the 88 centers the foil underfoot and the board rides and feels much shorter than its 5’5” length would imply. It feels more compact and nimble than the KT 90 even though that board was a few inches shorter. The 88 is board is stiff and light. The recessed deck provides fantastic feedback which will be especially appreciated by strapless riders. I know where my feet are at all times, without looking. The refined shape of the board provides a nearly magical collection of ride characteristics. If I breach or make a serious error and drop to the water, the board rebounds better than the 90 or even the 110. The fast tail shape seems to pop the board up off the water faster than my previous boards which had stepped or duck style tails. The rails and overall bottom shape provide an extraordinary amount of stability for 88L, but never catch on touch down jibes, tacks or maneuvers. If there are ripples on the water and I can fly the wing, I can pop up and slog until I get to a puff to pump onto a foil. As long as there is any forward motion, the 88L will stay at the surface and if I’m slogging in fresh water and the wind drops the board will start to sink ankle/shin deep until the next waft of wind arrives. I also appreciate the top and bottom handles. Most often I just use the bottom handle, but the top handle is fantastic for carrying the board in nuclear conditions or when entering or exiting launches with breaking waves. The build quality is excellent, and the board is holding up great. It also comes with a fantastic fitted bag. So, what could be improved? The bottom handle seems a little too far forward to balance when the foil is mounted, and the edges of the handles feel a little sharp. I am also not a huge fan of the adjustable arch pad that comes with the board. I ride strapless and skip the booties once the water warms up in the PNW. The adjustable arch pad is held in place with Gucci titanium screws and custom washers, but while they are well designed and rounded, I still don’t like the feel underfoot. Since I’m a dedicated strapless rider, I appreciate a nice thick arch pad and tail kick to help my back foot orient on the board. I think it’s cool that the Armstrong arch pad is adjustable, and it's perfectly designed to work flawlessly with their straps, but I suspect a lot of riders would prefer to stick down an arch Pad once they establish their stance. It would be great if Armstrong provided a stickable pad that can be purchased or if they provided adhesive backed arch pads with future boards coming from their factory. Regardless, the 88L WindSUP is the best board I’ve ever ridden. My next board will likely be the 60L WindSUP which I’ll pull out on the big days, but I’m sure the 88 will stay in my quiver for the long haul -when it’s light and sloppy or when there’s a distant windline.

    - Paul P.


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