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Armstrong A+ APF Front Foil Wing

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Armstrong A+ APF Front Foil Wing

Get ready to elevate your pump foiling experience to a whole new level with the revolutionary Armstrong Pump Foil (APF) range. Designed to push the boundaries of performance and efficiency, these cutting-edge foils are engineered to provide ultra-low stall speeds, incredible stability, and unmatched efficiency, allowing you to achieve maximum time on the foil with minimal effort.

Unleash Your Pumping Potential:

Whether you're dock starting for the first time or a beach-launching pro, the APF range offers the perfect foil to take your skills to the next level. Its unique outline shape, straight leading edge, and high camber foil section work together seamlessly to provide you with ultra-low stall speeds, quick acceleration, and a relaxed, efficient pumping cadence. Say goodbye to unnecessary fatigue and hello to exhilarating glides as the APF takes you further with each stroke.

Rock Solid Stability:

Stability is the key to a successful pump foiling experience, and the APF delivers in spades. Thanks to the specially designed high camber Pump 202 stabilizer, you'll experience exceptional pitch stability throughout the entire pump cycle. Whether you're a beginner getting acquainted with the sport or an expert rider pushing the limits, the APF strikes the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability, making every session a thrilling and enjoyable one.

Crafted with Excellence:

The APF foil is the result of a collaborative effort with career aerospace engineer Chris Porter, renowned for his work on the Crisp 333 and 381 stabilizers. By leveraging his expertise from the aerospace industry and combining it with Armstrong's relentless pursuit of innovation, they've created a pump foil that is unrivaled in its design, performance, and craftsmanship.


  • Ultra-low stall speeds for smooth glides
  • Quick acceleration for an exhilarating ride
  • Relaxed and efficient pumping cadence
  • Specially designed high camber Pump 202 stabilizer for pitch stability
  • Perfect for both beginners and expert riders
  • Meticulously designed for the pump foiling discipline


Content Creator

Armstrong APF Front Foil Wing - At a Glance

The APF is the newest wing in the Armstrong lineup. These front foils are pumping machines. The 1675 is what most riders are going to go for if you're under 200lbs. The 1675 is going to not only work for pumping off docks but also great for light wind wing foiling. The 1880 is an absolute beast of a wing in length, providing tons of lift at low speeds for larger riders. The 1880 could also work awesome for down-winding but the foil is not going to turn as well as say an MA wing. These front wings are going to glide better than most other foils, but sacrifice a little bit of maneuverability.

- Aaron


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