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Armstrong A+ V2 HA (High Aspect) Complete Foil Set

$2,499.99 Armstrong A+ V2 HA (High Aspect) Complete Foil Set SKU: HA580FK
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Armstrong A+ V2 HA (High Aspect) Complete Foil Set

All foil sports for intermediate-expert riders.

Building on the legacy of Armstrong's first HA (high aspect) foils initially released in 2021, the all-new HA range offers an unprecedented combination of rippability, easy pumping and endless glide that expands the potential of intermediate to expert surf, downwind and wing foilers.

Seven sizes - 580, 680, 780, 880, 980, 1080, 1180cm2 - deliver a full quiver of options. The new HA range is the essence of foiling.

A newly developed section shape, outline and profile give the HA range a remarkable “best of both worlds” ability to carve beautiful lines and easily stay high in the pumping power zone for maximum wave riding potential. The foil section is adjusted incrementally at points across the wingspan (evolutive section shape) to provide a big boost to gliding efficiency and consistent lift at various bank angles and flight speeds. For those already riding the previous generation Armstrong HA range, Armstrong recommends downsizing one foil size, for example: from the older HA925, move to the new HA880 to maintain familiar pumpability with a substantial overall performance increase.


  • High aspect ratio - Aspect ratio (AR) 9.63-9.8 across the sizes
  • Evolutive section shape - The section shape is tweaked at various stations across the span for hyper-optimized water flow.
  • Flat profile - Enables responsive turning in carves, even at wider wingspans.
  • Toray carbon fiber - Built from premium Toray high and intermediate modulus carbon fiber for exceptional stiffness and light weight.
  • A+ System - Our proprietary connection system offers industry-leading strength, durability and modularity.

Armstrong A+ V2 Foil Mast

The unique quad c beam core layup delivers a mast with smooth consistent reactive flex, generating sweet handling response and better stability by smoothing out bumps and flexing precisely to drive you through turns.

The V2 masts also feature bombproof zero corrosion Bidirectional Titanium Washer and Titanium T Nut system, which creates a rock-solid connection between mast and board. The V2 mast construction and shape combine to make a mast that will deliver predictably every time.

Armstrong Performance Mast Upgrade Available Upon Request

*Kit comes complete with - Front Wing, A+ V2 Foil Mast, A+ 60cm Fuselage, Stabilizer, Carry case, Polycarbonate Pro Shims, Bidirectional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and Foil covers.








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Armstrong A+ V2 HA (High Aspect) Front Foil Wing - At a Glance

Armstrong has done it again by bringing to market a New Foil that Succeeds our expectations in Every way. Here are a few reasons why we are Jazzed on this NEW HA Foil. Better pitch stability across the range, which leads to a more predictable foiling experience in higher wind speeds. The HA foil rips tighter turns and has a more surf feel in comparison to the previous version. These HA foils can maintain a slower cruising speed without stalling out which super beneficial in lighter winds. Because these new HA foils are overall more efficient, we're able to downsize foil size which leads to more fun riding smaller foils.

- Ethan


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