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Armstrong A+ Rear Stabilizer Wings

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Armstrong A+ Rear Stabilizer Wings

These are the options for the Armstrong Rear Stabilizer Wings

The Dart 140 is our smallest stabilizer and offers all the performance characteristics you'd expect from such a small surface area. Lightning fast response with minimal drag for high speeds, this is the tail of choice for advanced to expert wing, surf, tow and kite foilers in powered conditions.

The Speed 180 offers greater efficiency and top end of intermediate through advanced wing, surf and downwind foilers. Its high modulus carbon construction is extra stiff for instant pumping and carving response.

The Glide 220 is our stabilizer of choice when seeking the greatest glide and pump over long distances. It caters to intermediate through advanced riders pursuing lightwind winging, downwinding and flatwater pumping.

The Surf 205 is a highly maneuverable stabilizer that enables tight and critical turns in the pocket. This design is derived from the low aspect HS212 (chopped HS232) which dedicated surf foilers found to be the ticket for foil surfing. The Surf 205 builds on that with refinements to the foil section, planform and thickness to unlock the most freedom on the wave.

The Flow 235 name says it all! It’s smooth and predictable, inspiring your confidence and flow. Building on the much-loved HS232, this stabilizer adds a new section for consistent pitch stability, an increased projected aspect ratio and a refined planform to deliver an easy and free feeling ride. If you enjoy several foiling disciplines and want one stabilizer to cover them all, the Flow 235 is for you.

The Pump 202 is designed specifically to complement the Armstrong Pump Foil (APF) front foil range. This stabilizer redefines pump foiling potential with its ultra-low stall speeds, incredible stability and high efficiency to take you further with less effort than ever.

The HA 195 tail wing is sleek, elegant, and fast! It's been designed to unlock every drop of performance and handling potential from our HA front foils. This new design is cutting edge in terms of aspect ratio, thickness and anhedral. Combined with our HA Foils, the result is a smoother faster flowing ride with more speed, glide and precise handling! This effectively further increases the already outstanding performance and maneuverability of the HA foils.

The Flying V 200, is our take on what a radical tail wing should be! Inspired by our team riders. Together with our radical test ripper, Beven Gooch, Armie has honed the design into a futuristic shape reminiscent of a heavy metal guitar! It's fast, loose, and very carve-able, so you can take the lead on any wave!

The CF 300 tail wing is a great all-rounder. It incorporates the perfect amount of anhedral shape in the center and dihedral at the tips to allow an overall high level of stability with smooth progressive pitch control at all speeds and bank angles. Ideal for rookie to intermediate riders, all foil sports.

The HS 232 reduced drag and area improves acceleration, speed and maneuverability. The layup has been re-engineered so the ultra frothers out there are free to Chop Shop the tips down to a HS 212cm2 - without structural issues. The HS 232 is compatible with the entire Foil range and is the next level performance upgrade for the CF Range.



Paul P.


Armstrong A+ Rear Stabilizer Wing - At a Glance

I had been riding the HS232 tail since I bought my first Armstrong rig. It’s a very good stabilizer and is smooth and stable over a big wind range. I used it both for kite and wing foiling. I was thinking about upgrading to the newer Armstrong tails because that’s what foiling junkies do. When I examined the 235, it looked like an upgraded and highly refined 232, but still too similar to my 232 to justify the purchase. So, I ended up picking up the 205 on a whim after chatting with the KPS crew. I was a little worried it would be a bit too loose and challenging for foot changes based on what I saw on a few threads, especially when riding my small kite foil board. However, compared to all the other generations of kite foils I’ve tried in the past, the stuff coming from the Armstrong lab is always extraordinarily refined and user friendly. While the 205 is looser than the 232 and 235, it’s still smooth and predictable. I absolutely love how the 205 livens up the CF950v2 which I prefer for kite foiling. The 205 rips turns but is also smooth and stable when charging back upwind. The 205 gave new life to my HS1550 when winging and is perfectly paired with the MA1225 which is my new go-to winging foil. It may be a little too high performance, for my skill set, when riding the HA925. However, I’m sure more skilled riders would love it paired with that HA wing. The 205 is also amazingly tough. Unfortunately, my board and foil took a tumble on a gravel and cobble beach when it was blowing over 30 and I was securing my wing behind some driftwood. I was worried that my new 205 was going to be trashed as I saw the trailing edge tomahawk into the beach. Amazingly it showed only minor damage that could be undone with a bit of wet sanding. The Surf 205 is the stabilizer I chose for all my kiting and winging needs. If people are looking for a smoother, more predictable and less loose wing, the Flow 235 is a fantastic choice.

- Paul P.


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