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Ozone V1 Flux Wing Foiling Wing

$1,049.00 Ozone V1 Flux Wing Foiling Wing SKU: FXV12-4WW
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Ozone V1 Flux Wing Foiling Wing

Flying fast, bred to shred, and toned and tough from tip-to-tip, the all-new Flux V1 is the pinnacle of wingfoiling innovation. Designed with precision and featuring cutting-edge materials, this wing delivers extreme aerodynamic performance while boasting a massive sweet spot. Prepare to be captivated.

"The Flux is better for all types of riding that I do. The stability and rigidity of the sail shape along with reduced drag provide obvious performance benefits when riding with power from the wing, but the improvement is just as noticeable during transitions and when flagged out wave riding." - Johnny Heineken, two time kite racing world champion & Pacific Coast wingfoil champion 2023

Experience sensational air speed and masterful power management with the Flux V1. Drastically reducing drag across all areas of performance, this wing takes your riding to new heights. Its ergonomic carbon fiber handles with EVA grip provide a super-direct connection, ensuring intuitive and responsive control. With its high-aspect-ratio design and swept leading edge planform, the Flux V1 offers incredible glide that will leave you awestruck.

The Flux V1 represents Ozone's unwavering commitment to perfection. After countless prototypes, they have created a wing that flies faster than anything they've ever made before. Its precisely tightened canopy structure allows it to hold and manage even the strongest winds, generating usable power that defies expectations.

Embrace the freedom of reduced drag. Feel the exhilaration as it accelerates through the wind, pushing you to new limits. This is your opportunity to elevate your performance.

In a rapidly evolving sport like wingfoiling, the Flux V1 is your ticket to new levels of performance. Outpace the pack, soar higher, and ride waves with unparalleled freedom. With its incredible air speed and power management, the Flux V1 is designed to supercharge your sessions. Experience a level of connection that will alter your mindset and elevate your riding experience.

The Flux V1 is optimized for all riding styles. Its stability, rigidity, and reduced drag provide outstanding performance benefits when powered by the wing. Not only that, but you'll also experience improved transitions and enhanced wave riding when the Flux is at your side.

Unlock your true potential with the Flux V1: Where Performance Meets Possibility.


  • Exceptional Ozone Factory construction
  • Designed with OZ-CAD
  • Pre-Loaded Leading Edge 
  • Performance Dacron, 20% Lighter and Stiffer 
  • Carbon Fibre Handles with EVA Grip 
  • Multiplied Seam Strength
  • Cleaner Aerodynamics
  • Internal Reinforcements
  • Overlap Flat Seams
  • Direct Connect Strut
  • Reinforced Leading Edge and Strut
  • Reinforced Trailing Edge
  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Scuff Pads
  • Anti-Flap Fibreglass Battens
  • Unique bladder construction
  • Fast Flow Air Valves
  • De-power/Surf Handle
  • Harness Line Connection
  • Easy View Windows
  • Swivel Leash Line
  • Wing Waist Strap
  • Wing Technical Bag


Sales Manager

Ozone Flux V1 - At a Glance

The Ozone V1 Flux is a fast and efficient modern wing for riding in waves, progression and racing. Overall this is my favorite wing I have tested. The wing offers high upwind angles but also flags out for fantastic wave catching. The canopy of the Flux has more tension than older wings like the WASP V3 for better power per size. The Flux pumps onto foil more efficiently than any wing I have tested. The comfortable round handles easily fit in the hand. The handles allow you easily slide your hands into different positions. Flagging the wing out is easy and the hand patch under the flag out handle is good on the hands.



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