2012 Liquid Force Influence Mini Kids / Grom Kiteboard 2013 Ocean Rodeo Mako kiteboard 2013 Slingshot Crisis
    2012 Liquid Force Influence Mini 126 cm - Kids Kiteboard $149!2013 Ocean Rodeo Mako Series Kiteboard 25% off2013 Slingshot Crisis Freeride board $399 Complete

    All the same action- packed performance that is in the big guy’s Influence but tuned in size and flex for lighter riders. Board highlights: soft flex, medium rocker, single to double concave bot- tom contour, wood / composite core, Liquid...

    2013 Mako Boards Celebrating 10 years as the Ultimate Freeride Board! For over 10 years the Mako name has been synonymous with hard carving, ultra smooth Freeride performance. 

    Slingshots main Freeride board built for easy relaxed riding to advanced freeride







    2013 Slingshot Darko Kiteboard 2013 Slingshot Dialer EPX Kite Surfboard 2013 Slingshot Glide Kiteboard
    2013 Slingshot Darko Kiteboard2013 Slingshot Dialer EPX Kite Surfboard2013 Slingshot Glide 160cm X 40cm Lightwind Kiteboard

    With a completely redesigned base featuring our full wood core and molded channels, the 2013 Darko is the latest in flex technology. This premium core delivers massive pop and power with added stability, faster response, aggressive edging power...

    The Slingshot Dialer is one of slingshots top selling boards. Fun and easy to ride make it a great choice for the kiter looking to cruse. 

    Completely reengineered for 2013, the new Glide feeds off of efficiency. With this efficient new shape, we’ve provided more surface area and created a longer rail line to get the most out of your light wind conditions. The refocused shape...







    2013 Slingshot Tyrant Kite Surfboard 2013 Slingshot Verve kitesurf board
    2013 Slingshot Tyrant EPX Kite Surfboard2013 Slingshot Verve 6'0" Kitesurf Kiteboard

    Thow tail and be on rail with Slingshot's Tyrant. This board allows for radical, progressive surf style maneuvers and along with being extremely forgiving. 

    Slingshot continues the Verve for the 2013 year with a great reception they've decided to keep the same design for 2013. The Verve is a higher volume wider stance kitesurf board, ideal for larger riders and people new to directionals.