Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing

Kiteboarding is one of the most amazing watersports. Here at we specialize in helping our customers choose the right kiteboarding gear. 

    Tricktionary Kiteboard Instructional Book WeatherFlow Wind Meter Woo Kiteboarding Jump Measurement Tool
    Tricktionary Kiteboard Instructional BookWeatherFlow Wind MeterWoo 2.0 Kiteboarding Jump Measurement Tool

    The Tricktionary book is a an amazing instructional guide to twin tip kiteboarding. The book covers the basics of wind theory, kite control, launching and riding progressing to pro level kite tricks. The guide is extremely well done and is great...

    The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is a great way to convert your smart phone into a wind meter. Now you can know what the actual wind speed is out on your sessions. The WeatherFlow wind meter measures in Miles per hour, Knots per hour, and Kilometers...

    The Woo Kite 2.0 Kiteboarding Jump Measurement Tool is the new and improved WOO. WOO is the simplest way to record your session and play while you kite. The WOO captures your highest boost in Big Air mode or scores your best tricks in Freestyle...