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Slingshot V2 Wing Craft Wing Foil Board

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Slingshot V2 Wing Craft Wing Foil Board

Experience high-speed foiling like never before with the Slingshot V2 Wing Craft Wing Foil Board!

The Wing Craft V2 is designed to get you flying in a flash. Its compact shape and flat bottom ensure early planing and a quick return to the foil after touchdown. Say goodbye to being stuck in the water and hello to soaring above it!

Customize your ride with the tri-strap and offset front foot options, tailored to your riding style. The out-the-back foil tracks in 80L and smaller sizes allow for swift foil connect/disconnect, giving you more time on the water.

Enjoy ultimate comfort with the 3/4 length corduroy EVA deckpad, providing a soft and grippy surface for your feet and knees. The inset bottom carry handle makes launching and landing effortless.

With a flat bottom and hard rear rails, the Wing Craft V2 accelerates you to speed and gets you flying early. Embrace the thrill of flight and elevate your wing foiling adventures!

Unleash your potential with the Slingshot V2 Wing Craft Wing Foil Board today!


  • COMPACT SHAPE WITH A FLAT BOTTOM - Designed for early planing, and bouncing right back onto foil after touchdown.
  • TRI-STRAP AND OFFSET FRONT FOOT OPTIONS - Strap up The Wing Craft V2 for your personal riding style.
  • OUT-THE-BACK FOIL TRACKS IN 80L AND SMALLER SIZES - For quick foil connect/disconnect.
  • 3/4 LENGTH CORDUROY EVA DECKPAD - Soft on the feet and knees with incredible grip.
  • INSET BOTTOM CARRY HANDLE - Makes launching and landing a breeze.
  • FLAT BOTTOM WITH HARD REAR RAILS - Get you up to speed and flying as early as possible.


 Volume (L) Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Weight (lbs)
50 4'3" 23" 3.5" 10.80 lbs
60 4'4" 24.5" 3.75" 11.86 lbs
70 4'5" 25.5" 4" 12.91 lbs
80 4'9" 25.5" 4.5" 13.58 lbs
90 4'11" 28.75" 4.25" 15.21 lbs
105 5'5" 29.5" 4.25" 17.37 lbs
120 5'6" 30" 4.75" 18.78 lbs
140 5'7" 31" 5.25" 20.94 lbs



Content Creator

Slingshot Wing Craft V2 - At a Glance

An entirely new board design from the previous version. The WC V2 now feature a sharp rail edge from front to back that is entirely different than the trend of foil boards out there. This new version does seem to pop up onto foil sooner, while the touch and goes seem less sticky as well. Without the beveled rails the board doesn't bounce off the water from its rail-line but tends to get sucked into the water more easily. The WC V2 has plenty of flip in the nose which helps keep the nose out of the water when trying to pump onto foil. The foil track that exits the back of the board is super sweet for quick foil setups to get on the water quicker. Finally, I like the corduroy traction its comfy on the knees when slogging out to the wind-line, but still provides a ton of grip for ripping hard turns and boosting airs.

- Aaron


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