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Slingshot V2 UFO Kiteboarding Kite

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Slingshot V2 UFO Kiteboarding Kite

The UFO Version 2 kite has been redesigned with the lightest built yet.  Our design team reduced the leading edge weight by 25% along with adding a new streamlined bridle system with more premium materials. Riders will instantly feel less drag through the air, the ability to foil in even less wind and an unmatched foiling performance with the all-new UFO V2

Building on the foundation of its predecessor, the Ultimate Flying Object V2 expands on the lightweight strutless design by implementing space-age materials that make the kite lighter and even higher performance. The new extended size range allows riders to build a full UFO quiver and find the ideal size based on their weight and wind conditions. 

Why You'll Love It

  • The UFO is one of the lightest LEI kites that we have ever produced 
  • Every aspect of the UFO has been tailored for true foiling performance
  • The UFO has the most drift and power control our of any kite in our range. 
  • The UFO packs down incredibly small, you can fit the full quiver in your carry on; this kite is a jetsetter's dream. 
  • Turns on a dime, the ultimate kite for fun flying while on a foil. 


  • New Streamlined Bridle System: By using more premium materials we were able to reduce the bridle line thickness by 25%. Riders will instantly feel less drag through the air due to this new design. 
  • New Lighter Build:  We have tested new materials to further progress the UFO's signature lightweight build. The result is a leading edge material that is 25% lighter than the UFO's predecessor.
  • 0 Struts:  With 0 Struts, the UFO V2 is incredibly lightweight and able to fly in the lightest of wind conditions. 
  • Flyweight Construction:  Stripped of all excess to keep it lean, lightweight and ultra-responsive.  Minimal stitching, paneling, and reinforcements keep the UFO streamlined and simple.
  • Compact Swept C Shape:  Compact = excellent steering, pivoting and drift.  Swept C = Huge range with responsive power management to prevent over foiling.
  • Compact UFO Kite Day Pack:  A minimalist, nylon kite bag, stripped down to the bare essentials.  Packs down extremely small for optimum travel performance.  Fit your whole quiver in your carry-on. 


Content Creator

Slingshot UFO V2 - At a Glance

I have logged many hours on the UFO V1, so I was curious how could they make the UFO even better. The V2 has seen a significant weight reduction between the Leading-edge material and the bridle line diameter. The weight reduction has improved the drift substantially by allowing me to ride downwind with more speed without having the kite fall out of the sky. The UFO V2 has better light wind performance so riding in the low end of the wind range is more obtainable than before. The previous version was only available in a couple of sizes, but now there are several sizes to choose from due to its popularity with kite foilers. The V2 still maintains easing relaunch so long as you maintain tension on the bridles and keep the leading-edge in contact with the water. I get asked by kiteboarders if the UFO works with twin tips or surfboards and the truth is it doesn't have the grunt and power to do so. If you want to step up your game in kite foiling get the UFO V2.

- Aaron


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