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Ozone Zephyr V6 Lightwind Kiteboarding Kite

$2,070.00 Ozone Zephyr V6 Lightwind Kiteboarding Kite SKU: ZV6K17R
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Ozone Zephyr V6 Lightwind Kiteboarding Kite

The Zephyr is a renowned dynamic light wind model, without a doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market to deliver efficient performance and handling. 

With an incredible wind range, the Zephyr gives you the possibility to continue riding when the wind increases, this unique attribute sets it apart for competitors. 

The sixth version of the Zypher brings modifications to the profiles, increasing the canopy stability for a smoother feeling in the air.  The revised sail tension calculation and a refined bridle set up to improve bar feeling and operating range. 

Having the power of a 17m kite on demands with the feedback of a 13m translates to more fun in light winds.  The incredibly nimble handling with a tight radius turn, ease of use and the ability to have fun in low winds characterizes the Zephyr. 

It is perfect for cruising, jumping, air style, honing strapless airs or learning handle passes.  The boost is impressive and floaty, with instant power delivery and surprisingly quick and easy considering its size, simply by turning the bar or using the relaunch Balls on the leader lines the kite smoothly lifts off the water ready for more action.

The Zephyr V6 is the perfect accomplice for when the wind is looking light or unstable, it will get you out enjoying the conditions for any length of time whatever the style you choose to ride.  Or if you mainly ride in light wind spots and are looking for an all-around one-kite quiver, this is the kite for you.


  • Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction:  World-class construction in our own factory, using the highest quality materials and hand checked Quality Control at every step.  The Ozone factory also manufactures our Paragliding and Speed Wing range;  the same Quality Control processes are used across all products. 
  • Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron:  Teijin is the world's leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail material for marine sports.  We use the remarkably durable Teijin D2 canopy material in all our water kites and wings.   Teijin D2 is the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics. We use the incredibly strong and reliable Teijin Dacron in all our water kites and wings.  Dacron is used on parts requiring rigidity and stability - the Leading Edge, Struts, Wingtips, and all loaded areas with extra reinforcement for enhanced load distribution and durability.
  • Internal Reinforcements:  What's on the inside counts too - internal reinforcements for improved strength and durability; such as a Double layered Dacron + Insignia tapes Leading Edge closing seam with high strength threads.  
  • Load Distribution Panels:  Dacron reinforcements are used on all loaded areas for enhanced load distribution.  This means all loads are spread evenly into the sail ensuring the kite flies and performs at its best. 
  • Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts:  The leading Edge and Struts are reinforced in high-stress areas to ensure the kite canopy remains in shape and performs at its best. 
  • Low profile aerodynamic Scuff Pads:  Leading Edge numbers are often large and unnecessary cosmetic items.  At Ozone, we build our kites and wings for performance and durability using the best material & components available.  Any areas requiring scuff protection we use a lightweight durable material with superior abrasion resistance while keeping a low profile in order to reduce drag and maintain performance. 
  • Anti-Snag Line Deflectors:  The Anti-Snag line deflectors prevent bridles and lines from tangling around the wingtip.  Safety is increased when launching with a partner and water relaunch is made easier.
  • One-Pump Inflation System:  The One Pump inflation system enables quick and easy setup with single point inflation of the kite.  All struts are connected to the Leading Edge via inflation points - air will flow through the hose to inflate the entire kite.  Clips seal the hose connecting the Struts and Leading Edge to prevent unwanted airflow in case of damage.
  • Back-Line trimming options:  Customise your handling and bar pressure with the backline bridle attachments.  Closer to the Leading Edge for slower turn speed and more bar pressure, or closer to the Trailing Edge for faster turn speed and less bar pressure.
  • Water Kite Technical Bag:  Technical Bag with loads of space featuring an internal stash pocket, external control system pocket, boards straps, and pump holder.  Adjustable shoulder straps and foam padding provide extra comfort.  








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Ozone Zephyr V6 Kiteboarding Kite - At a Glance

The Ozone Zephyr V6 is an amazing lightwind kite. If you are looking to do more than just cruise in light wind then this is the kite for you. The kite turns fast for its size and jumps well with lofty style jumps. The Ozone build quality makes this kite one of the lightest large inflatable kites available. Perfect for large riders or light wind conditions.


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