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Ozone V6 Reo Kiteboarding Kite

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Ozone V6 Reo Kiteboarding Kite

The REO is an iconic model in the kitesurfing world, designed for uncompromised wave riding and renowned for delivering outstanding performance and feeling.

The Reo's unique flying characteristics and versatile performance allow you to maximize the potential of every wave, from on-shore slop to cross-off barreling reef breaks. Fast direct handling and insane drift combined with huge de-power means you can choose exactly where you want to place yourself on a wave to make the next move - smash the lip, clear a section, carve turns, or snap in the pocket.

The Reo V6 features our new rip-stop material combination. The new rip-stop canopy material had an advanced ultra flex coating improving feedback in gustier conditions making for a smoother ride. The new technical rip-stop dacron is super tough, used on the leading edge and struts it improves strength, durability, and longevity.

An all-new Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System makes set up and packing quick and easy. It features single point inflation/deflation and a high air flow rate between the Struts and Leading Edge, with clips to seal the hoses to prevent unwanted air flow in case of damage.

Variable Bridle Geometry: Quick and easy to change with no extra lines to add or remove. These bridle settings extend the kites operating range, bringing another level of versatility to this outstanding design.

Offshore: A balanced and refined feel with good forward speed perfect for most conditions, and excelling in cross-shore to offshore winds. The kite can sit further to the edge of the wind window when de-powered, drifting as you ride down the line. The Offshore setting is the upper knot on the VBG Pigtails.

Onshore: The kite sits a little further back on the window and tackles onshore conditions with ease. Increased bar pressure improves the feeling of the kite when a wave is pushing with the wind. If you prefer a slightly heavier feel this could be the setting for you. The Onshore setting is the lower knot on the VBG Pigtails.

We understand the importance of aerodynamics and weight saving especially on a kite where drift is imperative. Every detail has been refined to be as light as possible while maintaining the strength and integrity you expect from an Ozone product.

Un-hooked riders will feel at home on the Reo, it will fly and float in unison with your movements. Simply trim in with the cleat before unhooking, or if you prefer to ride un-hooked after we suggest adjusting the Control Systems back leader lines to the longer position. To customize bar pressure and turning speed for your personal preference use the rear line adjustment tabs on the kite.

Re-launch is quick and easy - by turning the bar or using the Re-launch Balls on the leader lines, the Reo will roll over and take off from the water in an instant. This is especially helpful if you're stuck in the impact zone and need to get out of there fast!

Product Features

Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction: World-class construction in our own factory, using the highest quality materials and hand-checked Quality Control at every step. The Ozone factory also manufactures our Paragliding and Speed Wing range: the same Quality Control processes are used across all products.

Variable Bridle Geometry: Quick and easy to change with no extra lines to add or remove. These bridle settings extend the kites operating range, bringing another level of versatility to this outstanding design.

Internal Reinforcements: What's on the inside counts too - internal reinforcements for improved strength and durability: such as a Double layered Dacron + Insignia taped Leading Edge closing seam with high strength threads.

Load Distribution Panels: Dacron reinforcements are used on all loaded areas for enhanced load distribution. This means all loads are spread evenly into the sail ensuring the kite flies and performs at its best.

Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts: The Leading Edge and Struts are reinforced in high-stress areas to ensure the kite canopy remains the shape and performs at its best.

Low profile aerodynamic Scuff Pads: Leading Edge bumpers are often large and unnecessary cosmetic items. At Ozone, we build our kites and wings for performance and durability using the best materials and components available. Any areas requiring scuff protection we use a lightweight durable material with superior abrasion resistance while keeping a low profile in order to reduce drag and maintain performance.

Anti-Snag Line Deflectors: The Anti-Snag line deflectors prevent bridles and lines from tangling around the wingtip. Safety is increased when launching with a partner and water relaunch is made easier.

Designed With OZ-CAD: The Future is now - All ozone kites and wings are designed and developed using our own highly advanced custom-built CAD software. Our designers are able to work with features specifically tailored to the unique forms and structures of technical Inflatable and foil kites and wings. Part of our design team is dedicated to the upgrade of the CAD code and the addition of new modules and features to the program as the development of our products continues.

4-line Pulley-less System: No pulleys, No problems. We designed all our inflatable kites without pulleys, to inherit the unique Ozone feeling and performance across our range.

Double Stitched Folded Seams: Sail canopy seams are stitched, folded, and then stitched again for a clean and strong connection of the panels.

Direct Connect Struts: Our Direct Connect construction method improves load distribution between the Leading Edge, Struts, and Canopy. Struts are connected directly to the Leading Edge with internal and external reinforcements. This unique construction method ensures clean profiles are maintained with optimum canopy tensions.

Reinforced Trailing Edge: Double layer Trailing Edge strip with an internal lightweight Dyneema reinforcement - this reduces canopy wear and helps to maintain optimum Trailing Edge tension as designed. The Dyneema line also reduces any potential stretch at the Trailing Edge.

Unique Bladder Construction: Our bladders are constructed in-house with advanced custom-built welding machines. Double layered sections are applied to any potential wear areas.

Tuned Bridle Geometry: We work extensively during our R&D process to develop the size range to feel in tune with each other. Every kite has a unique bridle layout, individually tested and fine-tuned to maximize the feeling and performance.

The Reo V6 is built to order and, in some cases, can take several weeks to get in stock. Please feel free to reach out to our store via phone, email, or message us to get current available sizes and colors.

Ozone Reo V6 Kiteboarding Kite - At a Glance


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