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Naish S27 Wing Foiling Complete Beginner Package

$2,099.00 Naish S27 Wing Foiling Complete Beginner Package SKU: S27Beginner110-4
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Naish S27 Wing Foiling Complete Beginner Package


Are you interested in getting started wing foiling? This package is for you. This includes the wing foil board, complete foil set, wing foiling wing, board leash, wing leash, pump and mounting hardware. We have the opportunity to try lots of gear here at KPS, and have found the Naish Hover boards and Jet 2000 foil to be a fantastic combo for beginners. With great stability, early lift, and intuitive control, this setup will have you progressing faster and having more fun on the water. One of the biggest mistakes we see beginners make is getting too small of gear, make it easy on yourself and start big!  

Substitutions can be made to any of these items, if you would like a different foil, board, or wing just give us a call at (360) 775-2741 or email and we will gladly build you a custom package!

Package Includes:

  • Naish Hover Wing Foil Carbon Ultra - KPS recommends the 110L for riders up to 180lb and the 125L for riders 180-230lb. For larger riders the Naish Hover Wing Foil Carbon Ultra is also available in a 140L size, just contact us for a substitution.  
  • Naish S27 Jet 2000 with 75cm Aluminum Mast - This is a fantastic foil for a wide range of riders.  With early lift, great stability, and fun turning ability, this is a foil that will get you riding with ease but will continue providing fun long after those first flights!   
  • Naish S27 Wing-Surfer MK4 - Naish was one of the first companies to make a production hand wing, and is now in their fourth iteration of the Wing-Surfer.  This has given them an expertise that shows when you use the wing - with excellent power and well thought out features this wing sets the benchmark for what a hand wing should be.  If you have any questions regarding size please contact us - we have used these in many wind conditions and will help you find the perfect wing for your spot! Other sizes are available as well, many riders find the 5 or 6m to be a great place to start. The wing is available in three colors (Black, Grey, and Yellow) - let us know if you have a preference otherwise we'll pick one for you!
  • Ride Engine Recoil Leash V2 Green 8’0” - Don't lose your new board! Our shop-favorite wing board leash is strong and the coiled construction helps keep it out of the water and out of your way!
  • Naish Airmax 2 Pump - High Capacity pump with multiple nozzles to pump up any wing or kite.




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Naish S27 Wing-Surfer MK4 Wing - At a Glance

The S27 Wing-Surfer MK4 is one of the best all-around wings on the market today. This newer version has a flatter profile which leads to more power per size. I can be riding my 5m when others are out on 6m and 6.5m wings. The windows are placed perfectly so looking downwind is convenient when executing jibes. When riding rolling swells in our local bay the MK4 luffs out really nice, very balanced and lightweight. The soft handles are comfy for long sessions but still stiff enough to control the wing in gusty conditions. This is one of my favorite wings mostly because it is so balanced and intuitive to use in any condition.

- Aaron


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