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Naish S26 Dash Kiteboarding Kite

$399.00 Naish S26 Dash Kiteboarding Kite SKU: S26K-DA07RE
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Naish S26 Dash Kiteboarding Kite

The Naish Dash construction has reduced panel count and seams for a lighter and stronger kite. It has been redesigned and optimized with Shark Teeth trailing edge reinforcement.

The kite that will make your skills stand out from the rest. The Dash is for fast, aggressive riders and anyone who loves to push the limits. We’ve engineered this kite to be versatile for kite loops and unhooked moves, with lots of room to showcase your personal style. The Dash will stand out to riders with a need for speed and delivers powerful jumping and ultra-fast turning capabilities. 

Construction and Technology

  • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric - Stiff and strong canopy fabric
  • Shark teeth trailing edge - disperses canopy flutter
  • HT plus seam - high tensile thread that fortifies the leading edge along the seam.
  • Molded Strut Ends - Reinforcements protect the struts
  • Thermoformed Bumpers - Seam protection when landing and launching the kite
  • Aramid Patches - protects and reinforces the seams
  • One point inflation system - quick and easy inflation and deflation through 9mm hoses
  • Diagonal Load Seam - Distributes kite tension for a powerful and balanced kite
  • Anti-Stiction Window - Easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly
  • Progressive profile - Evolving profile along the wingspan allows the center section to generate power while flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning.
  • Radial Segmented Arc - Short linear segments accurately form the kite's arch



2022 Naish Dash Kiteboarding Kite - At a Glance


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