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Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper HP Surfboard

$739.00 Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper HP Surfboard SKU: 19SU001
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Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper HP Surfboard


"If you are one of the thousands of surfers that enjoy the Puddle Jumper Series, the PJHP allows you to take your small wave surfing to the next level." ~ Matt Biolos 

The Puddle Jumper HP is souped up, slimmed down, refined Puddle Jumper.  It features a pulled in nose with the wide point brought back, and a narrower, pulled in tail block.  The new outline enables the PJHP to surf even more like a normal board-a-very playful board that's easy to paddle and ride yet still allows more radical and quick turns than all other PJ models.  It's easy on the eyes, sleek and refined under the arm, and its smooth foiled lines deceptively hide its significant volume with built-in speed to spare.  Stand on the tail of this thing and simply go to town, up and down, round and round, like you have a motor in small surf.  The tail, with its foiled rails and deep vee, holds in and gives confidence at high speeds.  The overall rocker, generous width and deep central concave generate small wave squirt as you would expect from a Puddle Jumper.

Lib Tech loves surfing and surfboard but... traditional surf construction is delicate and the build process is toxic and unhealthy... we knew there had to be a better way.  12 years ago, Mike Olson set out to make a stronger, longer lasting more environmentally friendly surfboard.  He applies his 30 plus years of experience handcrafting and riding high-performance composite surf, skate, and snowboards to the task.  In the process, he completely rewrote the book on surfboard construction.  Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our ECO IMPACTO surfboards are new materials to the surf industry,  Our unique Thermo Pressure Fusion Process creates an amazingly durable, environmentally friendly, high-performance surf structure that frees your mind and lifts your surfing to new heights.

All of our boards are handcrafted in the USA near Canada


Length          Width          Thickness           Volume

5'4"             19.75"           2.35"                  28.00cl

5'6"             20.00"           2.45"                  30.00cl

5'8"             20.25"           2.50"                  33.00cl

5'10"           21.00"           2.56"                  36.00cl

6'0"             21.50"           2.66"                  39.00cl

6'2"             22.00"           2.75"                  42.00cl


Maddy Marshall

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Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper HP Surfboard - at a Glance

This lil machine works insane! Fast and aggressive its like a motor boat that you can take anywhere. Like the Puddle Jumper with a little less volume and a little more maneuverability. This little Jumper has a lot of Horsepower!


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