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Blade Trigger 10th Generation Kiteboarding Kite

Blade Trigger 10th Generation Kiteboarding Kite

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Blade Trigger 10th Generation Kiteboarding Kite - All Around Performance

Blade kept all the core characteristics that have been a crowd favorite from day one – agility, quick turning, massive hangtime – and added a little something extra for each kite size. In the 7m they added stability in high winds, the 9m has been beefed up with even more hangtime, and the 14m received extra power on the low end. 

The immensely popular Trigger has been widely acclaimed for almost a decade, and rightly so. With massive hang time, remarkable agility and pinpoint responsiveness, the Trigger goes far and beyond what you might expect from your average all-around kite. As if it wasn't enough, this year we made the Trigger even more exciting by moving it closer to the window's edge, meaning you can jump higher than ever, loop, spin, grab and still enjoy maximum stability while doing it. Don't just go for your usual tricks, though. Our all new double-strength cross-fiber canopy encourages you to conquer those elusive high-complexity tricks without worrying about the kite wearing out. Whether you just started to ride or you're a 15-year veteran, the Trigger is the perfect all-around kite to help you push yourself and reach new heights.


  • 3 STRUTS - The 3-strut kite design has proven itself since the day Blade introduced it in 2008, enhancing the responsiveness and turning speed for any size kite.
  • QUICK TURN - All Blade kites are designed to be super reactive and quick turning. This is vital in order to progress as riders and define one's riding style.
  • EXTENDED SWEET SPOT - The wind range for this kite has been increased so that you can enjoy maximum kite performance in multiple wind conditions.
  • REFLEX RELAUNCH - Whether the kite dives onto the water or tumbles through the waves, it doesn’t matter. The exclusive kite design forces the wingtips out of the water and to the edge of the window. Virtually no work is needed to get back up and riding.
  • MAX FLOW INFLATION - Inflating your kites becomes easier and faster with the max flow inflation system. The kite will be ready to go in almost half the time, along with a very gratifying bonus: a higher leading edge pressure that leads to better kite performance.
  • MID PIVOT - Turning axis is generated along the LE between center strut and wingtip, resulting in an efficient balance between turning speed and power delivery. This is a key performance feature for all-around kites.
  • STEEP PROFILE SHAPE - A steeper profile shape has many added benefits, primarily in jumping performance. The deep contours pack the kite with immediate power, providing the required thrust for big aerials.
  • DYNAMIC PROFILE - The profile shape from the leading to the trailing edge changes as you move from the center out towards the wingtips. This rider-conscious design provides optimal performance characteristics for the different stages of flight.
  • WAVE PERFORMANCE SETTING - Optional wave setting positions the kite further in the edge of the window, allowing more depower, better drift characteristics and better upwind performance.


Dave Johnson

Shop Manager

Blade Trigger 10th Gen Kiteboarding Kite - At A Glance

The Blade trigger is a kite built for someone wanting a very responsive fast turning kite with a direct feel. Excellent drift and upwind riding makes for a kite that performs in waves as well as flat water. Here at kitepaddlesurf we recommend this kite for anyone wanting a do it all kite. The only person that should shy away from the trigger are the hardcore freestyle riders looking for better unhooked ability's in a kite, one of the few things the trigger doesn't excel at. Also the Trigger is one of the highest jumping kites we carry. - DJ


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