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Armstrong WKT Wake/Kite/Tow Foil Board

$1,349.99 Armstrong WKT Wake/Kite/Tow Foil Board SKU: WKT109
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Armstrong WKT Wake/Kite/Tow Foil Board

Introducing the WKT Board Range: Unleash Your Foiling Potential

All Boards include a high quality board bag and two foot straps

Designed to conquer the demands of wake, kite, and tow foiling, the WKT Board Range is the ultimate companion for riders seeking unparalleled performance on the water. Crafted with precision and engineered with cutting-edge technology, these boards deliver an exhilarating experience like no other.

Built to Endure: Ultra Tough C Beam Construction

The WKT Board Range is constructed with Armstrong's innovative Ultra Tough C Beam technology, ensuring uncompromising strength and durability. Meticulously molded from high-modulus carbon fiber, these boards offer exceptional stiffness while minimizing volume and thickness. With this robust design, you can push your limits without worrying about limitations.

Unrivaled Agility: Chisel Nose Outline and Progressive Rocker

Embrace unmatched maneuverability with the WKT Board Range's chisel nose outline and progressive rocker. This thoughtfully crafted design allows for smooth transitions and precise control, enabling you to effortlessly navigate through any water condition. Whether you're carving up the waves or soaring above them, these boards provide an exhilarating and responsive ride.

Enhanced Stability: High Strength Custom Carbon Fiber A+System Mast Tracks

Equipped with high-strength custom carbon fiber A+System mast tracks, the WKT Board Range guarantees optimal stability and control. These meticulously engineered tracks ensure a secure connection between the board and the foil, enhancing your confidence as you push the boundaries of your foiling skills. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to push your performance to new heights.

Unyielding Reliability: Titanium Footstrap Inserts

We understand the importance of unwavering reliability when it comes to extreme watersports. That's why the WKT Board Range is equipped with titanium footstrap inserts. These inserts provide exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring that your footstraps stay securely in place during the most intense maneuvers. With this level of durability, you can focus on the thrill of the ride, knowing your gear can handle whatever you throw at it.

Unlock your full foiling potential with the WKT Board Range. Experience the seamless connection, unmatched performance, and unwavering durability that these boards bring to your foiling adventures. Whether you're an experienced rider seeking the next level of excitement or a beginner ready to embark on your foiling journey, the WKT Board Range is here to elevate your experience on the water. Choose excellence. Choose the WKT Board Range.

    The WKT 109cm suits light or advanced riders in all three sports. Its minimal length also makes it an ideal choice for flatwater pump foiling.

    • WKT 109cm: (3’7” X 16.5” X 1”) 8.2L
    • WAKE: Advanced all weights, rookies <64kg (141lb)
    • KITE: Advanced all weights, rookies <64kg (141lb)
    • TOW: Advanced all weights, rookies <64kg (141lb)
    • FLATWATER PUMP: All weights.

    The WKT 122cm is the perfect balance of length and low volume for experienced wake and kite riders. For advanced tow foilers, this is the go-to size.

    • WKT 122cm: (4’ X 17.25” X 1”) 9.5L
    • WAKE: Intermediates 65-89kg (143-196lb)
    • KITE: Intermediates 65-89kg (143-196lb)
    • TOW: All weights.

    The WKT 137 is the largest size in the range easily rebounds off the water when landing airs, making it ideal for heavier riders. Rookies will find it accelerates their progression with forgiving water starting characteristics.

    • WKT 137cm: (4’6” X 18.5” X 1”) 11.5L
    • WAKE: Rookies 65-89kg (143-196lb), Intermediates >89kg (196lb)
    • KITE: Rookies 65-89kg (143-196lb), Intermediates >89kg (196lb)
    • TOW: Rookies 79-89kg (171-196lb)


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