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2021 Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard

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2021 Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard

We've spent years refining this deck to meet the needs (and desires) of the most progressive park riders around the world, including our personal favorites, the Space Mob!

2021 all sizes come equipped with the additional 5th inserts setting for riders who like to keep their stances a bit tighter.  Chined rails increase this board's durability and allow it to slide rougher surfaces without damaging its rails, and the medium-soft flex delivers the perfect combo of press-ability and rebound.  "It's hottest butter knife in the kitchen,"  according to the experts, so if you're looking to cut some've come to the right place!


This is a board for the new-school park riders who isn't scared to stand out from the crowd.  It's the perfect meld of medium/soft flex for the ultimate park experience. 

Product Features

  • Additional 5th Inserts:  This additional stance option brings the boots in even closer because they told us "it would be RAD". So grab a longer board, slam the boots to the middle, and feel the effect of the latest trend in wakeboarding. 
  • Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls:  Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the board cores in one single, producing unrivaled dampening and durability.
  • Ballistic Base:  With .7mm's of bulletproof protection between your board and the surfaces you're sliding across. 
  • Atomic Wood Core:  Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their famous flavor and flex. 
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts:  Light, flexible, and super strong. Reduces overall board weight, increases pull strength and allow for a more consistent flex underfoot. 
  • Chined Rails:  The Toe and heel edges of the board are raised up approximately 4-5mm creating a small buffer zone between the edges of your board and uneven rail surfaces to help protect your edges. 
  • Hybrid Rocker Profile:  Delivers the best of both worlds - a happy medium with a little more pop than continuous ut still nice and fast on the water. 
Length  Width Rocker Weight
141 44.2 2.7" 7.7
145 45.1 2.8" 7.9
149 45.7 2.8" 8.1
153 45.9 2.8" 8.2
157 45.9 2.9" 8.3

2021 Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard - At a Glance


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