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2021 Eleveight CS Vary Kite Control Bar

$549.00 2021 Eleveight CS Vary Kite Control Bar SKU: ECB2147061
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2021 Eleveight CS Vary Kite Control Bar

Our four-line CS Vary bar is fine-tuned for the precise steering of all Elveight kites.  Everything about this bar is made in regards to safety, control, and comfort.  The bar features a single front line safety system and the most innovative QR on the market which aces all international safety tests.  A low V and thermo-coated performance lines from Germany enhance reactivity and ensure direct control.  The CS Vary Bar's slick stick is designed to reduce strain on the hands, enabling the rider to enjoy extra-long sessions.  Among other changes, we introduce a red line swivel and a new single depower line.  The latter comes with a strong inner core and a spliced Spectra coating, that reduces friction and extends durability.  The CS Vary elevates safety and control to new heights.  

Performance Features

  • Four line bar with single front line safety
  • Adjustable bar width thanks to integrated variable bar ends
  • Thermo-coated high-precision lines made in Germany
  • Innovative Quick-Matic release system with top swivel
  • Ergonomic anti-slip EVA grip pattern for comfort and control.  

Designer Quote:  "The CS Vary's design is very slick and functional and features outstanding safety, control, and comfort characteristics. 

Changes for 2020

  • New single depower line with a strong inner core and spliced Spectra cover for enhanced durability, less friction, better feedback, and higher comfort. 
  • New red line swivel below the QR to untwist the red line for tangle-free usage.
  • New spliced line ends for stronger connection and longevity with exchangeable pigtails

E/8 Trusted Quality

  • Single depower line with a double layer:  The single depower line is made out of two layers of wear and tear-resistant high-quality Spectra fibers.  The outer layer made of spliced Spectra covers a strong inner Spectra core.  The single depower line offers frictionless bar feedback and maximum durability. 
  • Ergonomic EVA Grip:  Double density EVA grip for enhanced control and comfort.
  • Thermo-coated 22m Spectra lines:  High-quality spectra lines made in Germany.  They are stretch resistant and have a break load of more than 200 kg.
  • Low V Position:  The low V (this is when the front lines split close to the bar instead of higher towards the kite) increases the reactivity and the power of the kite. 
  • Small Chicken Loop:  small custom-molded freeride chicken loop for safe riding and the largest depower range possible. 
  • Mounted Swivel:  The swivel below the bar allows easy untwist of the front lines after loops and rotations.  It is made of high-density polyethylene for long-lasting durability. 
  • EVA Floater Protection:  The EVA floater offers the best protection of the line s and the rider. 
  • Safe Connect:  Avoid mixing up line with the kook proof front - and backline connection points.
  • Spliced and stitched line ends:  The line ends, now equipped with pigtails, ensure the strongest and safest connection between bar and kite.   They are incredibly durable.  
  • High-Quality Metal and Plastic in all QR parts:. 316 Marine grade stainless steel and impact-resistant Polyethylene ensure efficiency and durability fo the safety release system. 
  • Reduced diameter bar stick:  The thinner bar stick combined with the new anti-slip EVA grip provides the maximum in control and comfort. 
  • Red Line Swivel:  To avoid tangle or twist of our red safety line we added an extra swivel on the safety leash attachment point. 







2021 Eleveight CS Vary Kite Control Bar - At a Glance


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