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2020 Mystic Voltt 6/4/3mm Men's Full Hooded Wetsuit

$449.99 2020 Mystic Voltt 6/4/3mm Men's Full Hooded Wetsuit SKU: 35400.200000
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2020 Mystic Voltt 6/4/3mm Men's Full Hooded Wetsuit

Riding in the Voltt is like cranking up the heat in your car after a long fulfilling session.  Hell, the Voltt is so warm it's almost like eating a pizza straight out of the oven!  Our goal was to create a suit that looks great but feels even better.  That's why we upgraded the Voltt using 3 different thickness instead of 2: a warmer suit with a lot more stretch.  The days of using the cold as an excuse are over.  You'll never freeze your balls off with the Voltt.


  • M-Flex 2.0 - 100%:. M-Flex 2.0 is the most flexible neoprene in our range. It's updated with even better stretch/durability and flex properties.
  • Knitflex:  The Knitflex lining offers the highest stretch ration in all directions, it has a more luxurious look and soft-touch feeling. 
  • Wind Mesh:  Closed-cell neoprene with one side of fabric lamination.  The outside of the mesh neoprene offers better protection against wind chill. 
  • Flaremesh:  The Flarmesh quick-dry lining is a special development for mystic and offers a super soft feeling.  The Fabric is made with carbon to keep you warmer than ever. 
  • Fox Fleece: Big loops in the fabric create a high pile lining that holds air for extra insulation.  It holds less water enhancing the fast-drying abilities of the fabric.  With its superior stretch performance in all directions, it's super suitable for every panel in all of our suit. 
  • Waterproof stretch Flaremesh taping 100%:  Flaremesh lining has carbon and is stopped with big terry loops creating a high pile for extra insulation and a soft touch.  This high durable taping is used inside the suit to avoid leaking and to keep it flexible and warm. 
  • Glued blind stitched:  Stitching method whereby the panels are first glued together and then only stitched halfway through the fabric instead of fully perforating it, which makes the seams waterproof. 
  • Fixed Hood:  Never forget your hood again.  It keeps your head warm during those cold winter sessions. 
  • Front Zip:  With a horizontal zipper on the chest, wetsuits with a Double Front Zip open from the top.  This construction allows for easier entry.  Front-Zip suits have more stretch in the back panel which gives you a lot more freedom of movement.
  • Aquabarrier:  Aquabarrier is a silicone printing on the collarbone region of your wetsuit.  This forms a barrier between the overlapping front zip panels preventing water from entering. 
  • Aquaflush:  Wipeout or simply needed to take a leak?  The perforated neoprene patches on the lower leg, that we like a call Aquaflush, will ensure that all liquids exit the suit easily. 
  • Key Pocket 2.0 Keyloop with mini-buckle:  An external neoprene key pocket conveniently positioned on the lower leg of the suit.  The standard Key loop is now equipped with a mini-buckle to release your key with ease while making sure your key is safe inside.  

2020 Mystic Voltt 6/4/3mm Men's Full Hooded Wetsuit - At a Glance


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