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2020 Eleveight HCS+ Complete Kite Foil

2020 Eleveight HCS+ Complete Kite Foil

$1,099.00 2020 Eleveight HCS+ Complete Kite Foil SKU: EFOILHCSP
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2020 Eleveight HCS+ Complete Kite Foil

Our brand new HCS+ Hyrdofoil makes foiling accessible to everyone.  The 60 cm mast with a top-mounted carbon composite front wing and G10 stabilizer offers incredible control for swift progression.  This rapid progression does not come at the price of performance loss. If anything, the HCS+ slits through the water in staggering speed, providing a maximum of maneuverability.  We recommend this wing to anybody looking to get started with foiling as well as for schools, as the construction is ultra-durable and success comes on the fly. 

It is no secret that learning to foil is like learning to kite all over again.  The sweet sensation of hoovering weightless above the water's surface at staggering speed comes at the price of a thousand crashes.  The all-new HCS+ hydrofoil is the perfect tool to shortcut those struggles and boost your progression.  Our wing design makes foiling accessible to everyone. 

The 60 cm mast made of aerospace-grade aluminum, with a top-mounted carbon composite front wing and G10 stabilizer offers incredible and well-balanced control.  It simplifies foiling.  Still, it does not compromise on performance. 

If anything, this foil is insanely fast and slits through the water like a razor blade.   We maximized maneuverability, for dynamic and agile behavior.  Smooth carves and tight turns come naturally when riding the HCS+.  Thanks to its large front wing it comes out of the water in the lightest wind and even heavy-set riders will take off early.  The durable, modular construction is equipped with our innovative quick-connect technology, allowing you to switch masts easily in only a few moments.  Ride the HCS+ and progression comes on the fly. 

Designer Quote - "We design the HCS+ to accelerate your foiling progression in the safest way possible."

Performance Features:

  • Progressive Freeride foil 
  • Accessible wing design suitable for all levels
  • Front wing with medium to low aspect ratio for intuitive performance
  • 60 cm mast
  • Carbon composite front wing with mounting 
  • Quick connect technology 
  • Durable G10 Stabilizer
  • Include travel bag

Eleveight Trusted Quality 

  • Marine Grade Stainless steel Hardware - We use 316 Marine grade stainless steel to ensure a strong connection between all foil components and between board and mast, that is also durable thanks to its resistance to corrosive saltwater.
  • Torx Screw - All screws come with Torx heads in order to sustain the screws longer.
  • Anodized Aero Grade Alloy - We use an anodized aero grade alloy to provide a lighter, corrosive-resistant construction that is also durable. 
  • Carbon reinforced front wing - Strategically placed carbon reinforcements prevent torsional flex while being ultra light 
  • G10 Stabilizer - The high-quality epoxy construction of the stabilizer delivers the stiffness you need to always stay in full control.
  • Quick Connect - Our quick and firm attachment system allows you to swap or reposition your foil within seconds.

Aaron Knapp

Shop Ambassador

2020 Eleveight HCS+ Complete Kite Foil - At a Glance

This is Eleveights easy to use foil for beginners. I believe this setup is fantastic for the kiter who wants to jump on the magic carpet and not sacrifice performance. If you plan on mostly foiling in lighter conditions this is the setup because of its large surface area you could potentially kite in sub 10 MPH conditions.


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