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2016 Slingshot RPM Kiteboarding Kite

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Patrick Harber

Lead Instructor

2016 Slingshot RPM - At A Glance

The 2016 Slingshot RPM is an amazing kite for many different types of riders. Beginner to Pro. This kite is great for learning to kite, riding waves and aggressive unhooked freestyle. Slingshot builds the RPM with their legendary durability but the kite is still lightweight. The design is an Open C shape with fat wingtips that give the kite pull when turned or looped. The kite is medium bar pressure with a really solid feel so you can tell what the kite is doing at all times. - Patrick

The Slingshot RPM is one of the most versatile kites. The kite has a very consistent feel and is very intuitive to fly. I love it because it is great for kiting with a surfboard on its standard settings and becomes an aggressive unhooked freestyle machine when tuned to the wakestyle settings. The kite generates pull through turns and loops as it carves through the wind window. The kite is great for beginners to pros. The kite relaunches really well but there are kites that relaunch faster. The kite jumps really well but if you want to boost to the moon you will want a kite like the Ozone Edge or 2017 Blade Trigger. For similar Kiteboarding Kites check out our Freestyle Kite collections!

2016 Slingshot RPM Kite - Freeride Crossover

The amazing and refined Slingshot RPM. This is a shop favorite and has loyal fans everywhere. The kite is ultra stable, built bombproof and has versatility. The RPM excels at freestyle, wakestyle and rips in the waves. The RPM is lightweight with 3 struts and a short bridle system. The RPM relaunches efficiently and the short bridle prevents bridle wrap. Beginners love the stability and feel of the RPM. Experts and Pros love the kite for kite loops, boosted tricks and unhooked stability and feel.

The RPM has a fuller more square wing tip so when the kite turns you actually feel it. This is a great benefit for the beginner because they can feel the kite move rather than having to look at it. Same goes for the advanced rider that needs to be very precise with kite placement and turning. They want to feel where the kite is and the power and bar feel through the turns is a benefit.

The 2016 14m RPM has been lightened up to increase speed and also tweaked to increase low end power.

Also for 2016 Slingshot improved the canopy lay out to reduce flutter while increasing strength, tweaked the IRS Bridle to make the kite more responsive, and added the quick inflation One Pump Speed Inflation System. 

You’ll love the RPM if you want the ultimate freeride-freestyle crossover kite that you can progress with but will never outgrow. 

Package includes: Kite, Kite Backpack, Bladder Repair Kit, Quick-Start Guide, IRS Bungee Replacement

* Our full range of kites can be flown on our 20” Compstick bar. If you would like a specialty bar we recommend that for kite sizes 8m and smaller a 17” bar, for kites 14m and larger a 23” bar

* Kite Pictured is a 9m. Kite colors will vary. For special color requests please email the shop or add a note to your order. 


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