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2016 8m/10m RPM Complete Kite Package

$1,229.00 2016 8m/10m RPM Complete Kite Package SKU: 216RPM812PKG-2
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Patrick Harbor

Lead Instructor

2016 8m/10m RPM Complete Kite Package - At a Glance

This is the perfect package at a great price. Both kites can be handle by beginners and professional kiteboarders, so you will never stop learning. One of the best bangs for your buck, I ride both of these kites year round because they can jump, turn and handle gusts very well.

2016 8m/10m RPM Complete Kite Package

The 2016 RPM 8m/10m Kite Package is a great way to update your kite quiver with performance kites at closeout pricing. This is an amazing kite package with two 2016 Slingshot RPMs, and an optional 2018 Slingshot Compstick Control bar.


The 2016 RPM is one of the smoothest kites on the market. The RPM can be tuned to be aggressive or set up for a beginner. Many riders have started on the RPM and continued to expert and pro level. The 2016 Slingshot RPM is a fantastic blend of the super aggressive full c-kite and the forgiving delta. The RPM built on a Open C-kite design giving it a large depower range yet still gets a lot of the pull, pop, and slack of the full C-kite. Excellent at absorbing gusts, the RPM is the kite we recommend if you are kiting in gusty wind conditions. The 2016 RPM has the IRS bridle system which incorporates a bungee rather than a pully or slider. Instead of having to wait for the slider or pulley to slide over to initiate the turn, the bungee acts as a replacement and reacts instantly giving the kite a faster responding feel. Also the 2016 RPM uses the fast pump system making it easier and faster to get out on the water.

Slingshot Compstick Control Bar (optional):

2018 Guardian (below bar depower) 20" x 20m (+ 3m) Lines  or 2018 Sentinel (above bar depower) 20" x 20m (+ 3m).

Rider simplicity has been at the core of Slingshot’s design principals since the beginning, and we continue that philosophy with the 2016 Compstick and Guardian safety system. Built for ultimate control and confidence, the Compstick’s intuitive and streamlined below-the-bar depower and safety is unrivaled by any other bar on the market.

With continuous improvement in mind, we’ve added several upgrades to 2016 Compstick, including new molded floats and padded bar-ends, a revised EVA grip design, bar-end bungee line-keepers and an improvement in how the in how the floats fold in for storage. These updates complement the revolutionary features and components that have made the Compstick the trusted bar of choice for hard-charging riders around the world.

The Compstick is offered in the universal 20” bar with 23-meter lines, which can be used with any kite size in our lineup. For more specialized riders, we also offer a 17” bar with 20-meter lines for smaller kites and a 23” bar with 27-meter lines for a larger kite. Slingshot’s internal-bungee kite leash has also been upgraded in 2016 with a shorter overall length and sturdier molded-metal carabiner clips for added strength. 

* Our full range of kites can be flown on our 20” Compstick bar. If you would like a specialty bar we recommend that for kite sizes 8m and smaller a 17” bar, for kites 14m and larger a 23” bar

* Kite Pictured is a 9m. Kite colors will vary. For special color requests please email the shop or add a note to your order. 


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