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Lib Tech 2023 Pickup Stick Surfboard

$999.99 Lib Tech 2023 Pickup Stick Surfboard SKU: 23SU027-NONE
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Lib Tech 2023 Pickup Stick Surfboard

6' 6” the shortest of the Pickup Stick series shapes perfectly fills the gap between a short board and a longboard. This new updated version has a speedy squash tail, full nose, smooth rocker and straight rail lines. All these aspects give the board great wave catching ability, easy turning freedom and speed. The addition of chined rails add catch free forgiveness to the ride while simultaneously knifing out the rail to allow precise aggressive performance surfing. The 6 6” with its newly updated 4 plus one fin box set up can best be described as the “the ultimate fun board” perfect for first timer progression,

7’0” the middle size of our “mid-sized“ Pickup Stick Series shapes that perfectly fills the gap between a shortboard and a longboard. A narrower round pin tail, smooth flowing shape and rocker lines with plenty of volume make this an easy turning, wave catching, speedster with extra control in all conditions. The 7’0” can best be described as a mid-sized multi-purpose wave catching performance fun board.

7'6" Wave catching mid-size one board quiver has a playful performance feel. A smooth flowing shape and rocker with a narrower rounded pin tail with plenty of volume make this a versatile shape perfect for bigger surfers in all conditions or average to smaller surfers who are looking for glide and turning freedom in small softer surf. 

8’0” Pickup Stick designed by Mike Olson with the help of Hendo. This beauty is built for amazing nose rides while still retaining a playful shortboard feel. A flat wide concave nose carries speed and glides through effortlessly long nose rides. Parallel rail lines through the body of the board insure trim speed. A rounded pin tail with the most rocker of any of our Pickup Sticks provides effortless turning, control and hold through high performance arcs off the tail.


 Length  Width Thickness Volume
6'6" 21.5" 2.7" 45.3 cl
7'0" 21.26" 2.6" 46.5 cl
7'6" 22.0" 2.75" 52.9 cl
8'0" 22.3" 2.8"  59.1 cl


Strong, Light, Waterproof

  • Environmentally friendly non ozone depleting Nitrogen blowing agent
  • 25-40% Recycled content
  • Won’t absorb water if you do get a ding (Closed cell)
  • Elliptical engineered columnar cells provide toughness top to bottom and elasticity in side impact
  • 100% of offcuts and shavings recycled into more foam

Strong, Nice and Craftsperson Friendly

  • Plant based glycerin chemistry
  • Low VOC (shop smells nice)
  • Surfs smooth and responsive (High performance)
  • Impact resistant and resilient (Lasts a long time)

Strong & Smooth

  • Smooth riding vibration absorption layer
  • Impact and ding resistant

Dynamic Energy & Long Lasting Flex

  • Tension spread tow carbon fiber
  • Rebound energy return
  • Perfect flex tuning

Fits FCS-II®, FCS® Two Tab and Lib RRIPs® fins

  • Optimized placement for FCS-II 
  • RIPPs compatible with 5/16 performance adjustability
  • Light and tough


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