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2020 Slingshot Simulator 5'6" Foil Kiteboard

$649.00 2020 Slingshot Simulator 5'6" Foil Kiteboard SKU: 120236015
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2020 Slingshot Simulator 5'6" Foil Kiteboard

Learn and Burn

A larger, friendlier soft top, designed to make your journey into foiling as approachable and painless as possible.  Use it as a learning or teaching tool, your forever board if you're just a casual foiler or as a crossover set up in the surf or behind the boat. 

Why You'll Love the Simulator 

It's family day on the boat and everyone gets a try at surf or wake foiling!  You've got the Simulator board for user-friendly progression. 

More About the Simulator 

  • New cushy corduroy deck pad covers entire deck and rails
  • New Leash plug allows for crossover from kiteboard to surfboard
  • Multiple footstrap Inserts Postitions - Ride with 3 straps, 2 straps, 1 strap, half straps or no straps.
  • Larger, more buoyancy great for user-friendly progression 
  • Great crossover for surf and wake foiling
  • Hardboard with soft wrap, Not a spongy foam board
  • Ideal teaching tool for the spouse, kids, friends, etc. 


  • Adjustable Track Foil Mount:  Allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability and personal preference. 
  • Scooped Nose:  This shape enables easier takeoff and less water over the front of your board during touch & go's.  Prevents pearling and helps you bounce off the water and ride it out instead of crashing. 
  • Concave Deck:  Concave provides increased turning sensitivity and response and allows for more dynamic heel-toe performance.  Also helps with proper foot placement once you get a feel for the contour of the deck and where the sweet spot is. 
  • New Cushy Corduroy Deck Pad:  Slightly softer than our deck pads of the past, this new corduroy texture provides tons of grip and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye. 

Alessandro De Rocco

Web Marketing Coordinator

2020 Slingshot Simulator 5'6" Foilboard - At A Glance

The softest most friendly foil board to learn on. This board is a multi sport board, paddle into wave, shred behind a boat or kitefoil with it. It will perform well in all.


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