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2018 Liquid Force Thruster Foil

2018 Liquid Force Thruster Foil

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2018 Liquid Force Thruster Foil

New to the LF hydrofoil line up is the Thruster Foil. This complete foil kit utilizes the same proven alloy mast configuration that runs though LF’s complete hydrofoil line. New in the configuration is the use of the HD alloy fuselage that creates a highly hydrodynamic connection with the wings. The Thruster wing set has been developed in collaboration with Matt Wheeler, master hydrofoil expert and engineer in Hood River, Oregon USA. This collaboration has brought to life a unique wing design that provides extended range and stability offering rapid lift and stability at speed. If you are in search of the pinnacle of freeriding performance look no further.


  • Design:  Scientifically designed and engineered in Hood River, Oregon by Matt Wheeler, engineering PDH and expert kite and windsurf hydrofoiler.
  • Reflex:  "Reflex" trailing edge design that limits cavitation on wingtip breaches. 
  • Durable:  Durable glass constructed wing
  • Alloy Mast:  Efficient profile extruded alloy mast (available in 2 lengths)
  • Fuselage:  Hydrodynamic HD fuselage


Aaron Knapp

Shop Ambassador

2018 Liquid Force Thruster Foil- At a Glance

Even though the Thruster has been out for a couple seasons, it remains one of the most unique hydrofoils on the market. The trend for the last couple of years has been the development lower aspect foils that ride at lower speeds. You’ve probably noticed that the wings keep getting bigger! These larger wings are really optimal for people who are getting into foiling, but also are perfect for free riding and for catching small waves or riding wakes. So, there are a lot of fun and accessible foils that are perfect for most people and general free ride foiling. Of course there are still higher aspect foils on the market that are designed for higher speeds and racing, but they are not as suitable for free riding nor for those who are getting into the sport. The Thruster, designed by Matt Wheeler, is remarkable for its ability to bridge the gap between the faster high aspect foils and the new wave of low aspect foils. The result is a hydrofoil that works at a great range of speeds. It will satisfy most peoples need for speed, but it can also slow down and to carve swells or to aid in making those elusive foiling transitions. The accessible speed and the ability to carve at high and low speeds is what sets this foil apart. So, what can you expect on your first ride? It has gobs of lift, is fast and is super playful. When you pop up, it feels loose and lively.  There is almost the sensation that the foil wants to wander and turn when you are charging along, but it only requires subtle foot pressure to direct it/redirect/keep it underfoot.  The faster you go, the smoother it gets. When going downwind, you can charge at high speeds, or slow down and carve the crap out of the bay, river/wave.  The design of the wings allows slashing turns as well as drawn out high G force arcs. The wings are also pretty flat, which allows it to pivot at slower speeds. The Thruster was designed in Hood River for those conditions, but works well in light wind too.  However, the speed of the foil makes transitions a bit more of a challenge when the wind is light and there is the risk you could overtake your kite.  It is still a great light wind machine, but transitions take a bit more care than lower aspect foils like the Impulse.   Another extraordinary characteristic of the Thruster is its ability to maintain lift even if the wings break the surface. Some foils (like the Rocket) will lose some/all lift when the wings break the surface or if the water flow becomes disturbed around the wing. This never seems to be an issue with the Thruster. It’s actually pretty fun to rip turns tight enough to see the wingtips break the surface since it keeps driving without missing a beat. So, is this the magic foil that is perfect for all people in all conditions and in every use? Sadly it is not. I would not recommend it as a wake foil for trying to surf behind your boat since you could easily squirt down the wake and crash into the stern.  It's just too fast for this use.  It's also probably not the best light wind foil, for the reasons I've already mentioned.  You’re also not likely going to put it on a surfboard and paddle into a wave.  It also is made with an aluminum mast and fuselage and is heavier than carbon foils (but MUCH more affordable & FAR more durable). The weight of the foil makes it a bit more challenging to start when riding strapless. Those who will appreciate the Thruster the most will be looking for a dedicated kite foil only and are experienced foilers looking for the next step. A final note here, I don't think the shims that come from LF mate it very well to the original fuselage.  When it is assembled with the shims, there is too much flex between the wings and fuselage for my liking.  It mates perfectly to the HD fuselage and the result is a stiff and hydrodynamic pairing.  So, to get the most from the thruster wings, you really should have the HD fuselage. You will also want a full-length mast to get the most out the speed of this foil. If your buying this as a complete foil, it comes with the HD fuse and full length mast. Still, despite any of its negative attributes this is currently my preferred ride. It is an absolutely awesome foil that always leaves me smiling.


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