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KPS Pump Foil Package

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The KPS Pump Foil Package

-Your Gateway to Pump Foiling, Dock Starts and Wake Foiling!

Are you new to the exciting world of pump foiling and dock starting? Or perhaps you're a seasoned foiler looking to explore new thrills on the water? Look no further! We proudly present the KPS Pump Foil Package, the perfect combo to get you up and gliding effortlessly, no matter your skill level.

Included in this package are two exceptional components: The Liquid Force Nebula and the Slingshot FPump Foil.

The Nebula is engineered with Liquid Force's state-of-the-art Dura-Surf construction, built to withstand anything the water throws at it. Its concave deck ensures unparalleled board feel and control, allowing you to effortlessly master the art of foiling. The Chine Rail design sets you free from the water's grip, providing seamless takeoffs and thrilling rides. The slight double concave and flat hull reduce water contact, ensuring swift planing, and propelling you to takeoff speed with ease. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Nebula will elevate your foiling experience to new heights.

The FPump Foil unlocks the potential of pump foiling. Developed with Slingshot's passion for 100% natural self-propelled flight, this foil is a result of years of dedication and countless trial-and-error sessions. The ultimate wing profile and mast height combination provide an unrivaled lift, allowing you to pump effortlessly across the water. Imagine riding the smallest waves imaginable and turning heads at the dock or beachside BBQ, whether you're taking off from the dock or behind the boat. 

Unlock the magic of pump foiling, dock starting, and wake foiling today with this curated combo!


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KPS Pump Foil Package - At a Glance

This is a fantastic package put together which includes a great board and foil combo. The Nebula is a nimble board super lightweight but built with Durasurf construction so the occasional hit to the dock is not going to damage the board. This board has a nice amount of concave on the deck similar to a skate deck which helps to control the foil during slow turns while pumping. The Slingshot FPump Foil is perfectly balanced for learning to foil off a dock. The front foil wing has plenty of lift at a 1724cm area. The FPump has nice low stall speed so you can keep the foil moving even when the forward speed is not very fast. Overall, this is a great package for anyone looking at getting into the world of pump foiling, one of the most challenging foil disciplines.

- Aaron


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