Wakesurfers / Wakeskates

Wakesurfing is the best way to spend time behind a boat. Liquid Force offers a great selection of beginner to pro wake surfers. Wakeskating is another great way to rip behind a boat. 

2015 Liquid Force Machine Wakesurfer Slingshot Ankle Biter 5'0" Wakesurfer Slingshot Gnarwhal 4'6" Wakesurfer
2015 Liquid Force Machine WakesurferSlingshot Ankle Biter 5'0" WakesurferSlingshot Gnarwhal 4'6" Wakesurfer

Size 4'6" Only! The 2015 Liquid Force Machine Wakesurfer is a new performance design that delivers exceptional glide, tight turning radiuses and hacks, and the ability to boost on command. A clean single concave hull with crisp rails and a full...

With a wide stable design that makes the most of smaller wakes and less than ideal conditions, the Slingshot Ankle Biter Wakesurfer will keep everyone on your boat happy. The round nose and wide thumb tail shape of this board provides extra...The Gnarwahl XR is an entirely new breed of wakesurf board from Slingshot that's designed for aggressive riders looking to cut deep into the pocket and attack the lip with explosive airs and surf-style maneuvers. Decked out with FCS II fin...







2016 Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate 2016 Liquid Force Primo Wakesurfer
2016 Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate2016 Liquid Force Primo Wakesurfer
The Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate is a great way to start wakeskating and kite skating. The LF Focus is fun and will allow you progress your wakeskate riding. Great for beginners to intermediate riders. Sizes: 40" 42" 44"

The Liquid Force Primo wake surfboard is a fun and lightweight board. Looking for a lighter, more versatile version of the popular TC Skim, Tommy worked with us this season to create his newest surf skim dynamo, the Primo. The vacuum formed outer...