2013 Slingshot Crisis 2013 Slingshot Dialer EPX Kite Surfboard 2013 Slingshot Tyrant Kite Surfboard
2013 Slingshot Crisis Freeride board $399 Complete2013 Slingshot Dialer EPX Kite Surfboard2013 Slingshot Tyrant EPX Kite Surfboard

Slingshots main Freeride board built for easy relaxed riding to advanced freeride

The Slingshot Dialer is one of slingshots top selling boards. Fun and easy to ride make it a great choice for the kiter looking to cruse. 

Thow tail and be on rail with Slingshot's Tyrant. This board allows for radical, progressive surf style maneuvers and along with being extremely forgiving. 







2013 Slingshot Verve kitesurf board 2014 Slingshot Asylum Freestyle Kiteboard 2014 Slingshot Crisis
2013 Slingshot Verve 6'0" Kitesurf Kiteboard2014 Slingshot Asylum Freestyle Kiteboard2014 Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard

Slingshot continues the Verve for the 2013 year with a great reception they've decided to keep the same design for 2013. The Verve is a higher volume wider stance kitesurf board, ideal for larger riders and people new to directionals.

With its reintroduction last year, the Asylum has quickly become a rider favorite among our dynamic team as well as everyday core riders. The next generation 2014 Asylum delivers magnified flex performance through its premium Atomic Wood Core,...

The 2014 Crisis delivers dynamic feel, provides solid upwind performance, effortless edge to edge control and ultra-soft landings in all conditions. Its progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as riding the swell on those...






2014 Slingshot Glide kiteboard 2014 Slingshot misfit 2014 Slingshot T-REX
2014 Slingshot Glide Lightwind Kiteboard2014 Slingshot Misfit 2014 Slingshot T-REX

While other companies focus on building width into their boards as the solution for light wind riding, the Glide’s counterintuitive concept focuses on efficient power through a lean and mean profile. The Glide’s narrow width and...

The Misfit continues to deliver controlled progressive flex and top-level performance better than ever. Our full wood core absorbs and releases energy, adding a lively and responsive feel to the riding experience. Engineered to take your skills...

The 2014 T-REX was developed for a new breed of riders focusing on aerial tricks and fun, poppy changes in direction. This unique, progressive shape is trending in the surf industry with the top pro riders. Patrick Rebstock prefers this next...




2014 Slingshot Vision
2014 Slingshot Vision Kiteboard

Vision is what drives innovation and it is the force behind the new 2014 Vision twin-tip. Inspired by the performance and versatility of the RPM kite, the Vision was created to bridge the gap between competitive and recreational riding. All the...