PFDs and Life Jackets

PFDs and Life Jackets. Inflatable PFDs from NRS and Dakine. Standard life jackets and vests from NRS and Liquid Force.

2015 Liquid Force Hinge CGA Wakeboard PFD / Life Jacket Dakine Inflatable USCG Approved Waist Pack PFD NRS Big Kahuna Inflatable PFD
2015 Liquid Force Hinge CGA Wakeboard PFD / Life JacketDakine Inflatable Waist Pack PFDNRS Big Kahuna Waist Belt Inflatable PFD

The Liquid Force Hinge CGA Life Jacket is designed for all your on the water activities. Comfortable for wakeboarding and paddling. The Hinge Life Jacket is flexible to comform to your body. The Hinge sets the standard for comfort, safety and...

The Dakine Inflatable Waist Pack is a Type V Life Jacket with Type III performance. Comfortable and easy to wear this inflatable PFD is a great choice for paddleboarding. The waist style life jacket does not get in the way of your paddling...

Protect yourself while stand up paddling or surfing with the NRS Big Kahuna Inflatable PFD. Stores around the waist and out of the way until you need it. This PFD is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard as a Type V PFD. However, it meets Coast Guard...




Liquid Force Vortex CGA PFD / Life Vest
Liquid Force Vortex CGA PFD / Life Jacket

The Liquid Force Vortex CGA vest is designed to be comfortable while providing the flotation needed for Coast Guard Approval. This Vest is also lined with a stretchable fabric and PVX Foam that keeps it from chaffing while not absorbing water.