Kiteboard Travel and Golf Bags

Golf bags, board bags and dry bags from Mystic, Slingshot, Dakine, Liquid Force, Crazyfly and Channel Islands. Protect your gear while traveling next door or to Tahiti.

2017 Liquid Force Changing Pad Channel Islands Fin Wallet Liquid Force Coffin Travel Bag
2017 Liquid Force Changing PadChannel Islands Fin WalletLiquid Force Coffin Travel Bag

The Liquid Force Changing pad is a great way to keep your wet gear off and put away quickly. Stand on the pad, take off suit and pull the cord to close up the matt into a carrying bag. Keep yourself, your wetsuit, and your vehicle as clean as a...

Keep your fins organized with the Channel Islands Fin Wallet. 

The Liquid Force Coffin Travel Bag is great for traveling with mulitple boards and kites. The bag is heavy duty for durability and long trips. COFFIN BAG SIZE: LENGTH: 140cm – WIDTH:48cm – HEIGHT:24cm For twin tip rider on the move,...





2017 liquid force golf bag 2017 liquid force world traveler Channel Islands CX 2 Double Surf Board Bag
Liquid Force Golf BagLiquid Force World TravelerChannel Islands CX2 Double Surfboard Bag
Liquid Force Golf (GO LF) GOLF BAG Size: LENGTH (143CM) – WIDTH (36CM) – HEIGHT (25CM) “See? It’s a golf bag. That’s why it says “golf” on it.” OK, practice with us: Say that line ten times in a...WORLD SURF TRAVELER SIZES SIZES: LENGTH(195CM) – WIDTH(54CM) – HEIGHT(25CM) Liquid Force’s biggest travel bag, the World Surf Traveler can take two kite surf boards, three kites, and more. Heavy duty handles and wheels, as well...The Channel Islands Travel Light CX Double Coffin is designed to save weight without sacrificing protection for your surfboards and kite surfboards. During travel this bag can attach to the CI Wheelie Bag in seconds to make is easier to get you...




Channel Islands Team Lite Surf Board Bag Dakine Outlaw Kite Travel Bag Liquid Force World Traveler Wheeled Travel Bag
Channel Islands Team Lite Surfboard BagDakine Outlaw Kite Travel BagLiquid Force World Traveler Wheeled Travel Bag

Light as a feather the Channel Island Team Light bag offers an economical solution to sun damage and dings. Retractable shoulder strap for hiking and built in hangar storage. Medium fit is recommended for use with traditional shortboard outlines....

If you are looking for a lightweight bag for your whole quiver, look no further. This bag comes complete with two XL compression bags and a divider for up to two twin tips. Also has stowable backpack straps for when your packing it through the...

Liquid Force World Traveler Wheeled Travel Bag The World Traveler is Liquid Force’s biggest travel bag. This monster can take two kite surf boards, three kites, and more. Heavy duty handles and wheels, as well as separate board pads to...




Mystic Golf Bag Dakine Kite Compression Bag Dakine Knit Surf Sleeve
Mystic Golf Bag Dakine Kite Compression BagDakine Knit Surf Sleeve

The Mystic Golf Pro Bag is a work horse. Put 2 boards, and 3 kites with your kiting accessories and the Mystic Golf Pro Bag will carry them to your windy destination. Tons of reinforcements, straps, comfy neoprene handles, ventilation, light...

If you are traveling with your kite gear you can replace your heavy kite bags with these light weight compression bag from Dakine. Save space and weight by using the Dakine Compression Kite bags. You won't believe how much weight and space you...

This knit board bag keeps your favorite board warm and cozy. Reinforced padded nose keeps it safe. Features Versatile shape fits most boards Thick, high quality acrylic knit fabric for ding protection, UV shielding and resistance to fin cuts 600D...




Dakine Slider Kiteboarding Board Bag Dakine Surf Thruster Board Bag Liquid Force Changing Pad
Dakine Slider Kiteboarding Board BagDakine Surf Thruster Surfboard BagLiquid Force Changing Pad

The Dakine Slider Bag protects your board in the back of a truck, or on the way to the beach.

The Dakine Daylight Thruster Board Bag is made with quality construction and padded performance at an affordable price. Heat and water resistant tarpaulin material with thick foam padding make this a perfect day bag. Features Heat and water...

The Liquid Force Changing Pad allows you to organize your wet gear and keep it away from your dry gear. 1. Open up the changing pad and take off your wet gear. 2. Pull the bungie and cinch it up and the pad becomes a bag to keep your wet gear...






 Golf bags, board bags, dry bags. Get your gear there safely and cheaply.