Kiteboard Instructional DVD's

 Kiteboard instructional DVD's are great way to learn kiteboarding. Learn new moves from your couch. A perfect way to pass the time when it's not blowing.

Kiteboarding Progression: Beginner Tricktionary Kiteboard Instructional Book Kiteboarding Progression: Intermediate
Kiteboarding Progression: BeginnerTricktionary Kiteboard Instructional BookKiteboarding Progression: Intermediate

The best instructional video out there. Very good breakdown of technique and skills.

The Tricktionary book is a an amazing instructional guide to twin tip kiteboarding. The book covers the basics of wind theory, kite control, launching and riding progressing to pro level kite tricks. The guide is extremely well done and is great...

Backloops, Forward Loops, Transitions, and more!





Kiteboarding Progression: Advanced Kiteboarding Progression: Professional
Kiteboarding Progression: AdvancedKiteboarding Progression: Professional

Riding Blind, Kiteloops, Board Offs, Riding Unhooked, Downloops, and more!

Kiteloop backrolls, Front Mobe 5's, and more. This video is crazy!