Foot Pad Kits

 Kiteboard Strap Kits from Slingshot and Liquid Force. Pads and Straps to fit every type of foot and every style of riding! 

2017 slingshot dually straps Liquid Force Pro Pad Strap Kit North Shore Inc Surface Mount Footstrap Inserts
2017 Slingshot Dually Foot Pad KitLiquid Force Pro Pad Strap Kit North Shore Inc Surface Mount Footstrap Inserts
• Perfect fit w/ four-point micro-adjustment straps and Velcro closure • Longer sessions, happier feet w/ ergonomically-designed footbeds • Great binding for booties: fits large feet, straps down tight • Cushy comfort on tough...

The Liquid Force Pro Pad kit is a highly adjustable pad set with board handle and you can even change the density of the heel pad. New for 2017 is the Liquid Force Pro Pad and Strap Kit. The Pro Pad is the peak of comfort and customization in a...

The North Shore Inc Footstrap insert plates allow you turn add straps to strapless boards or add alternative strap positions on your board. Kiteboarding, Surfing, Tow in Surfing or Wake Surfing ..... Easily Convert ANY Board!!! ...Straps On or...




Liquid Force Fusion Strap 2015 Slingshot Joint Strap Kit 2016 Liquid Force Solo Pad Kit
Liquid Force Fusion Straps and Pad Kit Now $59.002015 Slingshot Dually Foot Pad Kit 2016 Liquid Force Solo Foot Pad Kit
Size L/XL only. Originally $169...Now just $59.00, The Fusion strap kit from Liquid Force is a solid strap kit system for your kiteboard. The Liquid Force Fusion footpad and strap setup delivers world-easy adjustment and comfort. The velcro strap...

Originally $179.99...Now just $129 or $100 with a Slingshot board purchase. Save over 25%! The Slingshot Dually pad kit is a super comfortable and grippy pad kit. Fits with any current kiteboard. These are the best straps we have tested at Kite...

The new 2016 Liquid Force Solo Pad is a great fitting foot pad kit and includes a handle. These easy to use straps and pad kit easily adjust so you can use boots or ride barefoot. Features lace up tightening system. One size fits most: US Size 7 - 12 Available in Blue or Orange







2016 Slingshot Dually Foot Pad Kit
2016 Slingshot Dually Foot Pad Kit

The 2016 Slingshot Duallys are the shop favorite for foot pads. These offer a huge range of fit and can be adjusted from either side. The Dually is compatible with all kiteboards. Fits size 7 to 12. Features: QUICK AND EASY MOUNT CHASSIS MICRO...