Bellingham Shallow Kiteboarding Lessons near Seattle/Vancouver

Bellingham Shallow Kiteboarding Lessons near Seattle/Vancouver
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At Bellingham Kiteboarding School, we have a number of IKO/PASA certified instructors working with us and have lessons available year-round 7 days a week. Lessons are scheduled based on conditions/forecast so it helps if you have a flexible schedule.

The Bellingham Kiteboarding School is located on the water in Squalicum Harbor.  We operate lessons directly from our fully stocked shop where we have our school jetski moored. Lessons are run in a number of different shallow water locations near by depending on
whats best that day.

Our goal as instructors is to get you in the best most ideal learning conditions possible. Match that up with the best gear and the latest teaching methods, giving you a successful lesson. We want to leave you feeling confident and comfortable kiteboarding with the rest of our local crew!

Here is a little bit of info on our Lesson Program.


This will give you the knowledge and tools to take your first steps
into kiteboarding. During this lesson we will be covering basic steering, power zone
concepts, The international Kiteboarding Organization ( IKO ) signals,
4 line SLE setup, launching, landing, relaunching, kite retrieval, and
self rescue.  You will learn all the skills necesarry to safely
operate a full size 4 line SLE inflatable kite, while getting actual
hands on experience. Lesson run approximately 3-4hrs all gear is
provided. Cost is $350

This lesson will focus on using the kite to pull you up on the board,
AKA the Water Start. Building on the basic fundemantals learned in
step 1 you will be working on waterstart/board positioning,
powerstrokes, board retrieval, and riding. This will all be done in
shallow water with your instructor only a few feet away coaching you
thru each step. Lessons run approximately 3-4hrs all gear is provided.
Cost is $350


The deep water lesson is a designed to give you maximum ride time with
jetski assistance. This is the perfect lesson for people who are
anywhere from working on water starts to staying up wind. Our goal is
to make you a comfortable and confident kiteboarder in deep water by
the end of your lesson.  Lesson runs approximately 3-4hrs all gear is
provided. Cost is $350


Step up your riding to the next level with instruction on advanced
riding from basic jumping, to unhooked freestyle, to strapless wave
riding.  With the help of our professional instructors we can get you
there faster! This is also our only way we rent gear.

Lessons are available on an hourly basis with a 2hr minimum. Cost is $120 per hr.

Please Note, you must be a confident and self sufficient rider!

For people who are serious about learning to kiteboard we offer a
Package deal including all three lessons at a discounted rate.
Also I encourage you to ask about our gear packages which often
include free lessons.

GROUP LESSONS : Add a student for $50 (2 students max)
We highly encourage people to learn with a friend, this makes for a
great lesson value and a fun learning experience,
We have found that after the group lesson both students are on the
"same page" and have the ability to continue on learning and
practicing together safely. .You can add a student to the private
lesson for an additional $50.

Lessons may be rescheduled due to poor wind conditions.
Reservations for lessons are on a first come first serve basis.
A $75 deposit will be made at time of reservation.
Late cancellations and No Shows will be charged the $75 deposit.

Just leave it to us!
We use our best forecasting knowledge possible to line you up with the
perfect conditions.
With our experience of teaching in the Bellingham area since 2006 we
like to think we have mother nature dialed.
Despite our knowledge conditions can change rapidly, this a part of
our sport and must be understood.
Let us teach you the tricks of the trade as far as forecasting before
or after you lesson, again our goal is to get you out there riding
with us!





All gear is provided during this lesson. That includes everything needed for kiteboarding as well as wetsuits, booties, gloves, and helmets.

Bring a friend and save money. 2 person lessons cost $199 per person, and allows you the opportunity to experience kiteboarding with a friend. (This is over $100 less than other lessons in the NW)

***There is a non-refundable deposit required of $75  if the lesson is cancelled by the student within 48 hours of the lesson***


Why Choose Bellingham?


Bellingham is geographically unique as it sits in between two large valleys, the Frasier River Valley, and the Skagit Valley which happen to be lined up with the Straights of Juan de Fuca and Straights of Georgia respectively.

What does that mean?

It means that the Bellingham area experiences inflow winds to these valleys most days of the spring, summer and fall.  When the predominant low pressure setup is present, the marine air from the Staights of Juan de Fuca are drawn into the Frasier Valley giving us great morning winds.  When a high pressure setup is present, marine air from the Straigts of Georgia flow into the Skagit Valley in the afternoons.


Typically in the spring and early summer months, we will experience kitable winds 75-80% of the days.  Our winds are typically very steady, and range from 9m to 14m conditions.

In the winter months when thermal heating does not dominate, Bellingham is very well oriented to receive winds associated with frontal movement, as well as Frasier River Outflow winds.

On top of all of this, our kiteboarding locations have more flat, warm, and shallow water than anywhere in the Pacific Northwest because our riding locations are on river deltas.  The open deltas create a huge shallow water environment where you will be able to have plenty or room to work on your skills without fear of other riders getting too close.

Our eco-friendly 4 stroke jet ski makes getting to the wind, and the best shallow water areas a breeze.

Come see why we have people that travel from Seattle, Vancouver, and even Squamish and Hood River to take lessons from us in Bellingham.


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